Syrian air defenses managed to counter the Israeli offensive, after air defense systems intercepted and destroyed most of the missiles.

A military source said that at 1:10 am on Monday 21/01/2019, Israeli war planes dealt a heavy blow to land and air and through consecutive waves of guided missiles.

The Syrian air defense systems immediately dealt with the situation and intercepted the hostile missiles and destroyed the majority before reaching its objectives in a heroic response to aggression.

The Israeli warplanes targeted the following sites:

  1. Damascus International Airport.
  2. “Al thala” military airfield in west rural Swaida province.
  3. A military post in the town of Izra in Daraa.
    Military site at Dimas aria in rural Damascus.
  4. The Scientific Research Center in Jamraya, Damascus.
  5. A military site in the vicinity of Sahnaya, Damascus.
  6. A military site located in Jabal Al Mana in the countryside of Damascus.

The Israeli missiles failed to hit most of these targets, while succeeded as a result of its massive density to access a military site in Izra in Daraa and another location in the brigade 38 in Daraa.

The attack killed four and six others injured.

Israel attacked Syria twice on the same day while the first strike took place at the day, when the Iranian responded to the Israeli bombing by launching a surface-to-surface missile on the occupied Syrian Golan Heights from a site in Daraa, which was intercepted by the Israelis.

Later at night Israel launched a massive attack on several sites, and the Syrian air defense managed to intercept the majority of the Israeli missiles.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Observatory for human rights source said, Tuesday, that the number of casualties of the Israeli bombardment on Sunday-Monday, Iranian and Syrian military positions near and south of Damascus – reached 21, mostly Iranians.

The Observatory pointed out that the Israeli strikes targeted a missiles and ammunition depots belonging to the Iranian forces and their allies near Damascus, in addition to Syrian air defense centers on the outskirts of the capital and in the south.

The director of the Syrian Observatory, Rami Abdul Rahman, said the death toll had risen after the identity of the victims had been verified.

“There are 15 foreign fighters killed, including 12 Iranian troops”, he said, without specifying the nationality of the other victims, with six Syrian soldiers”.

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