Debka: The Syrian army is preparing to crush the armed groups in southern Syria near the Jordan border with advanced equipment and weapons

The Israeli Website «Debka» posted news that the Syrian army and their allies are mobilizing near the southern city of Daraa in preparation for a massive attack on the militant strongholds at the Jordanian border with huge advanced Russian equipment and weapons.

The site was quoted by military sources as saying that Syrian army is equipped with new missiles system type Golan 1000 of high destructive force and anti-tank missiles, Kornet, which hit the target at a distance of 9-9 km.

A large force of the Syrian army has begun to deploy in the Daraa area in preparation for an attack on the positions of the militants at the Jordanian border, allowing it to reach the entire provinces of Daraa and Quneitra in the Golan heights.

The report added that these forces are gathering near a military base at the town of Izra in Houran hills in Daraa, pointing out that the Syrian forces consist of unites from the 4th Armored Division along with the fifth, seventh and ninth Division.

The report quoted sources as saying that these units are now preparing to move south towards the Jordanian border at Naseeb crossing point, pointing out that the Syrian army will advance in that front.

«As the report continues, that so far, Russia’s intentions are still unknown, while US and Israeli officials are watching these crowds anxiously because if they succeed in advancing toward the border with Jordan, this would pose a threat to US forces in that region».

Meanwhile The United States issued a threat to take what it been described as «tough» measures against Damascus if the Syrian authorities violated a cease-fire agreement after the Syrian army threw leaflets over the southern province of Daraa, warning of an impending military operation.

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