The US army helicopters flew intensively in the sky of the Syrian city of Hasakeh, coinciding with the entry of armored vehicles belonging to it to the former central prison, the current detention of the militants of ISIS, in the Ghuwairan neighborhood in the city.

The province of Hasakeh stated that US helicopters flew at medium and low altitudes in the sky of the city of Hasakeh on Thursday, December 3, for several hours.

A number of US armored vehicles entered Gwiran Central Prison coinciding with the flight of helicopters, in an operation to transfer a number of detainees to and from the prison towards the US bases in the city of Hasakeh.

Civil sources confirmed that the SDF militants, with the support of the US army, arrested a number of civilians, including children, after they raided a village in the Shaddadi area, south of Hasakeh.

The sources said that a military force consisting of 10 cars belongs to SDF raided the village of Umm Raqiba, north of Shaddadi, and arrested 12 civilians, including two children, without charging any charges, as they were all taken to one of the detention centers in the city of Shaddadi.

In addition, the “SDF”, with the support of the “US coalition”, arrested 5 people from a village in the northern governorate of Deir Ezzor.

A tribal sources indicated that SDF military force, consisting of 25 vehicles, with support from the “US coalition” aircraft, raided, during the past hours, the village of “Ghariba al Sharqiya” and arrested 5 people from the village.

In another direction, a young man was killed under torture after two days of detention in the prisons of SDF, the town of Ain Issa, north of Raqqa.

A patrol of the so-called “Northern Brigade” affiliated with SDF affiliated with the US Army informed the owners of 6 homes in the homes of the Syrian government Euphrates Basin Foundation Association of the need to evacuate them for the “North Brigade” within a period of 7 days and hand them over to them.

Local sources said that the “Northern Brigade” had seized a large number of houses in the Euphrates Basin and Independence Square in the western neighborhoods of the city of Raqqa, and pointed out that, the brigade hands over homes to the families of its members, most of whom are from Manbij and Idlib, in addition to displaced people from Afrin.

The SDF, under the direction of the US army, seized a large number of houses within the Syrian government housing in the city of Hasakeh, which oversees their military points and bases.

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