British Defense Committee: The British army is in a deplorable condition


The head of the Defense Committee in the British Parliament, Tobias Ellwood, revealed on Monday, that the British army is very small, and has become in a deplorable condition.

Elwood said during an interview with Sky News that the British army is in a deplorable condition, despite billions of investments over two decades.

He pointed out that Britain has invested for many years huge money in developing naval capabilities, building aircraft carriers, and supplying more fighters, but the number of tanks has decreased dramatically, and that two decades ago Britain had 900 tanks in service, and now it has only 148 tanks.

The British Royal armed forces suffer from a deficit of 4,000 soldiers after the resignation of 16,000 soldiers in 2022, which is the largest shortage in 6 years.

In the same context, Elwood added that the government should be very concerned, especially against the background of the Ukrainian crisis, and that it’s not only necessary to invest in the latest industries, such as cybersecurity and space, but attention and focus must be given to the ground armed forces as well.

The head of the Defense Committee in the British Parliament pointed out that Britain’s defense spending really exceeds the figures of any other country in Europe, with regard to maintaining nuclear capabilities.

Meanwhile, a British military sources revealed that a senior US general had secretly told the British Defense Secretary, Ben Wallace, that the British Army was no longer considered a high-level fighting force.

The US general told Wallace that the British Army isn’t a first-rate fighting force like the United States, Russia, China or France, and is barely in the second-rate.

Last month, January, The Times newspaper revealed signs of a crisis in the British army, with the continuing supplying weapons to Ukraine.

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