As their stock is depleting… The pentagon order to buy more than half a billion dollars’ worth of artillery shells to aid Ukraine


The US defense department announced on Tuesday that it had concluded contracts worth more than half a billion dollars to purchase 155 mm artillery shells for Ukraine.

The Pentagon said that the contracts with Northrop Grumman and Global Military Products were concluded at the end of January, with a total value of $552 million.

The US Department of Defense added that it expects to receive the first of these orders as of March.

This announcement comes at a time of growing concern about the depletion of weapons and ammunition stocks in Western countries, led by the United States, after it was forced last year to withdraw huge amounts of stocks intended for its forces in order to help Kiev confront the Russian invasion.

The contracts concluded by the Pentagon follow a different policy that ensures that the stocks of the US army aren’t affected, as the weapons and ammunition intended for Ukraine will be produced directly for this country, provided that the bill is paid by the United States.

In eastern front, the Russian and Ukrainian armies can fire thousands of shells daily, with up to 20,000 shells per day for the Russians, according to a US official’s estimate in November.

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