A suicide car bomber targeted a patrol of the Washington-led international coalition and the Kurdish forces in the northern city of Manbij, killing two Kurdish fighters, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, on Saturday.

“A suicide bomber driving a car bomb targeted a patrol consisting of an armored vehicle of the coalition and a small truck carrying Kurdish fighters of the SDF as it passed the outskirts of the city of Manbij”, Rami Abdul Rahman, director of the observatory, told AFP.

At least two of the Kurdish forces accompanying the coalition were wounded in the blast.

“No US soldier has been killed or injured in Syria”, coalition spokesman Colonel Sean Ryan told AFP.

The organization of the Islamic state through its propaganda agency “Amaq”, adopted the attack, according to a jihadist Telegram accounts, with their implementation of the attack.

The agency reported “a suicide attack by a car bomb hits a convoy” of Kurdish forces, which included “elements of US forces as well”.

This is the third bombing adopted by the Islamic State organization that targeted a patrol of the International coalition in northeastern Syria, where a suicide bomber targeted an American convoy on January 21 in the southern Hasaka countryside, killing five Kurdish fighters.

It was preceded by a suicide bombing on January 16 targeting a US coalition patrol in the city center of Manbij, killing 10 civilians and five local fighters, as well as four Americans – two soldiers, a civil contractor working for the US Department of Defense and a department employee.

Less than a month after US President Donald Trump announced his decision to withdraw all his forces from Syria after achieving its goal of “defeating” the organization of the Islamic state, it was the bloodiest bombing of US forces in Syria since 2014.

After the suicide bombing, the Islamic State organization vowed in a statement carried by jihadist accounts on Telegram, that the US forces and their allies will see “what will let their hairs fall off their heads”, asserting that what happened was “the first raindrop”.

The attack comes as the extremist organization is about to collapse after its last fighters are trapped in an area of ​​less than half a square kilometer in the eastern town of Al Baghouz, while they still keep presence in the Syrian desert at the Syrian government control area.

Meanwhile, three US military helicopters in the east of the Euphrates executed an air landing in the city of Al Tabqa at the province of Raqqa at midnight on Friday – Saturday, where US soldiers arrested three people believed to be “an ISIS secret banks” of former leaders of the “Islamic State”.

Media sources said that three helicopters belonging to the coalition forces led by the United States carried out an air landing at the end of Al Wasat Street in the neighborhood of Rafidain at the intersection of Al Wasat Street with Palestine Street in the city of Al Tabqa, where the US special operations soldiers arrested three people who sought refuge after fleeing previously from the town of Al Qaryatain of rural Homs, due to the blows of the Syrian army and it’s allied forces and the Russian air force during the liberation of the town from the grip of the Islamic State.

The SDF arrested those members immediately after his control of Raqqa, with the support of the American forces, and quickly released them for unknown reasons.

Local sources confirmed that they have been living in the city of Al Tabqa since then with the knowledge and care of the US intelligence headquarters in the city.

The sources said, that the three detainees are former leaders of the Islamic State, adding that the air landing was accompanied by an intense flight of the US aircraft with the participation of US soldiers on the ground in 4 Humvees, with large security support from the SDF who’re loyal to the US forces, which have hit a security cordon around the operation.

US coalition warplanes overflew the city of Raqqa and its western suburbs on Friday, as assassination operations against security officials of SDF escalated.

The western countryside looks like a theater of operations independent of all US forces in the far east of the Euphrates, particularly in the town of Baghuoz.

The US forces have carried out several similar landing operations last month, including the landing in the area of ​​Al Sahel in the south-west of Raqqa, where eyewitnesses confirmed that US soldiers arrested “Issa Al Shawakh” and took him to an unknown destination.

Al Shawakh is the nephew of Abu Luqman, whose real name is Ali Al Shawakh, who was the so-called “Wali Al Raqqa” (The ruler of Raqqa) who was appointed by the Islamic State during their control of the city.

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