The Israeli media quoted senior political sources in Tel Aviv as saying that Ireland without doubt became the most European country hostile to Israel and is pushing other European countries to take extreme positions and non-negligent against the Jewish state, adding that the Irish government is encouraging citizens to hate Israel, accusing it of working out of anti-Semitism, as she put it.

It is worth mentioning that Ireland does not hide its positions in favor of the Palestinian cause, and leaves no occasion but stresses its categorical rejection of Israeli policies.

Earlier in the day, the Irish Foreign Minister, Yedioth Ahronoth, called on European Union countries to boycott the products of Israeli settlements on the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Irish Foreign Minister said in a letter to the chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Trade Committee of the Irish Parliament that his country is considering implementing a comprehensive boycott of settlement products, calling on European Union countries to impose a boycott on settlement products.

In the same context, the Israeli Foreign Ministry decided to summon Ireland’s ambassador to Tel Aviv for a reprimand on Friday after his country’s parliament voted to boycott settlement products.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office attacked Ireland by saying: Ireland condemns the only democratic state in the Middle East, adding that Israel is angry at legislation against it in the Irish parliament, which refers to hypocrisy and anti-Semitism.

It is noteworthy that the Irish Senate voted on the resolution in December, despite attempts by the US, European and Israeli to fail.

Sen. Francis Black, who applied for the bill, is a strong supporter of the international boycott, investment and sanctions movement known as BDS.

It is important to emphasize that in November, the European Parliament adopted a non-binding resolution for the EU countries to label or classify products manufactured in Israeli settlements in both occupied Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, Which was accepted and invited by 15 European countries, in April of the same year, amid opposition and pressures of Zionism.

The European Union considers the settlements illegal and contravenes international law, being established on occupied territory.

In addition, the Israeli ambassador in Dublin was subjected to a sharp attack last April by the deputy of the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee of the Irish Parliament, Richard Barrett, during his meeting with the ambassador of the Israeli ambassador.

The deputy said: “I am one of those who believe that you should be expelled from this country, but this has nothing to do with you personally, but with the policies of your country”.

“Along with Pastor Desmond Tutu, I say that the time to treat you as a natural state is over, because you do not act as a natural state”.

“I would like to ask some questions about your allegations, and I would like to make it clear that my statement is not motivated by anti-Semitism and stressed that he will do it again if someone tries to minimize the horrors committed against the Jews, because I am particularly opposed to racism.

Your state and what you stand for”, as he put it.

Therefore, MP Barrett told the Israeli ambassador: “I would like to ask a few questions related to this”.

“I tried to cover up the killing of innocents during three separate incidents in Gaza in the past years, and the seizure of the Palestinian territories and others”.

“I covered all of this by attacking Hamas”.

He asked him: “Why don’t you recognize that Hamas didn’t exist during the first intifada?

It didn’t arm a military arm until the 1990s.

The reason for this is that the PLO was abroad at that time and had no actual presence”.

In addition, the Ambassador of Tel Aviv in Dublin, has accused the Irish authorities, condoning the acts of abuse and abuse suffered by the Israelis on its territory.

The Israeli radio said, that the Israeli ambassador met in the wake of this attack with the Irish Foreign Minister, but the authorities in Dublin did not Respond to him, as confirmed by high political sources in Tel Aviv.

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