Washington returns to its favorite Exit Stratgy with europe be the victim as usual !!

Stripping the East with the West, Washington destroys the European Union from within.

Missile bombing in Syria was the first stage in the implementation of the United States global plan for the collapse of Europe.

The protracted Syrian conflict brought a lot of harm to the old Europe.

These are serious military costs and crowds of refugees, with whom our economy is already clearly unable to cope, terrorist actions that our special services fail to cope with, and, as a result, the negative moods provoked by these negative factors.

Every day the situation is aggravated, primarily because of the disastrous for the continent of US policy, supported by overly helpful European leaders.

In the three weeks that have passed since the beginning of April, the US intelligence services have managed to form two powerful informational outfits — the use of poisonous substances in the case of the ex British spy Sergei Skripal and the alleged chemical attack in East Ghouta.

Without waiting for any evidence of involvement in these events, Russia and the leadership of Syria, the White House brought down its righteous anger at Putin and Assad.

The countries of Europe, led by their overseas boss, joined sanctions against Russia, expelled Russian diplomats and even took part in a small victorious war by firing missiles at several facilities in Syria.

What’s next?

Donald Trump himself doesn’t stop to say that he will withdraw American troops from Syria and hopes that they will be replaced by «partners».

«The tasks of the American presence have not changed.

The president made it clear that he wants to withdraw US troops and bring them back home as quickly as possible,»White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said, commenting on information on a possible reduction in coalition forces in the Arab world.

Who will take the place of the Americans?

Recently, Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton, telephoned the head of Egyptian intelligence, Abbas Kamel, with a proposal to make a feasible contribution to stabilizing the situation.

Previously, similar proposals were made by the leaders of European countries.

From Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, Washington also expects financial compensation for the multibillion-dollar costs incurred by the United States in the military conflicts in the Middle East.

That is, according to the plans of the White House, which do not particularly veil, to fight further with international terrorist organizations in Syria will be… Europeans and Arabs.

Well, this is as usual the act that US done, first they create the problem, get involve with the case, then sneak out in some way and let other deal with it and handle the results.

With always Europe & Arab states fall in, as always.

But, if the same Saudi Arabia or Israel has any sense to fight in the home region, then what values will the soldiers of the EU countries give their lives for?

According to experts, in this situation it is necessary to take into account not only the inevitable economic and human losses, but also the factor of the deterioration of the EU’s relations with the countries of the Middle East, almost all of which have their political and economic interests in Syria and neighboring territories.

In addition, the cities of Europe, to which the US generously transmit the banner of the struggle against the «Islamic state» and other radical groups, will become a favorite target for terrorists of all kinds who, under the guise of refugees, penetrate the «Schengen zone» without much work.

How the inhabitants of the European continent, who are not yet accustomed to the mass terrorist threats, can themselves not even guess how they will react to the consequences of a cunning American policy.

Judging by the mass protests, now and then shaking the Old World on any more or less significant issue, the European Union is unlikely to survive active military participation in the Syrian conflict.

An acute migratory crisis and a series of strikes will only exacerbate the contradictions existing between the EU members, and accelerate the disintegration of the union…

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