US authorities discovered classified documents stored in a private office belongs to President Biden since Obama’s administration related to Ukraine, Iran and Britain,


Several classified documents from when President Joe Biden was Vice President Barack Obama last fall have been discovered in a private office, Biden’s lawyers explained Monday, according to CNN.

CNN reported, quoting an informed source, that among the secret documents that were found in President Joe Biden’s office were intelligence notes related to Ukraine, Iran and Britain.

The source told CNN, on Tuesday, that the 10 classified documents that were found in Biden’s private office date back to the period between 2013 and 2016.

The source added that the documents were found inside 3 or 4 boxes with other documents, not confidential.

The source revealed that most of the documents found by legal experts are personal documents of the Biden family, including those related to the organization of the funeral of Beau Biden, the son of President Joe Biden who died in 2015, and messages of condolence.

Reports indicated that Biden’s lawyers, who found the documents, told the US National Archives, in which such documents must be stored according to the Presidential Records Act.

The US Department of Justice has launched a preliminary investigation into the storage of official documents in a private office, and then the department will decide whether to appoint a prosecutor to continue investigations in the case or not.

CBS said Attorney General Merrick Garland has assigned the US Attorney General in Chicago to review the documents, which have been classified as classified.

CBS quoted two sources, which it described as insiders, that there are approximately 10 documents in the center, and said that the FBI is also involved in the investigation of the US Attorney General.

Biden’s lawyers say they found the government materials in November during the closing of a Washington DC-based office, the Ben Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement that Biden used as part of his relationship with the University of Pennsylvania, where he was professor emeritus from 2017 to 2019.

Federal office holders are required by law to relinquish official documents and classified records upon termination of government service.

“The White House is cooperating with the National Archives and the Department of Justice regarding the discovery of what appear to be Obama-Biden administration records, including a small number of classified documents,” Richard Sauber, special counsel to President Biden, said in a statement.

“The documents were discovered when the president’s personal attorneys were packing files in a locked safe to prepare to vacate office space at the Ben Biden Center in Washington DC” he added.

“The president used this space periodically from mid-2017 through the beginning of the 2020 campaign,” he continued.

On the day of this discovery, November 2, 2022, he “notified the White House Counsel’s Office to the National Archives, which received the material the next morning”.

“These documents were discovered by the president’s attorney,” Sauber added, stressing that “the documents weren’t the subject of any previous request or inquiry by the archives”.

“Since this discovery, the president’s personal attorneys have cooperated with the archives and the Department of Justice in a process to ensure that any records For the Obama-Biden administration, the archive is appropriately in possession of it”.

CNN said the materials included some top-secret files with the tag “Segmented Sensitive Information,” also known as SCI, which is used for highly sensitive information obtained from intelligence sources.

The source told the network that after the discovery, Biden’s lawyers immediately contacted the National Archives and Records Administration, which began looking into the matter.

The source said that the Biden team cooperated with the administration, which later viewed the situation as a mistake due to the lack of document guarantees.

In November, the Archives sent a referral to the Justice Department for consideration, a source familiar with the situation told CNN.

The discovery of the material comes as private investigator Jack Smith investigates former President Donald Trump for possible mishandling of classified records at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Federal investigators have recovered at least 325 classified documents from Trump as part of their investigation.

As Trump said on his Truth Social platform: “When will the FBI raid many of Joe Biden’s homes, and perhaps even the White House? Certainly these documents haven’t been declassified”.

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