Times article described North Korea as a largest religious community on Earth!

British Times published an article by Ben Macintyre about North Korea and how people live there, describing it as the largest religious community on Earth.

In the article under the title of «Kim Jong-un’s North Korea is a giant religious cult», Macintyre wrote, It’s the story of a cult.

It’s also, on a far larger scale, the story of North Korea.

The summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un may eventually lead to the denuclearization of North Korea and the emergence of the hermit kingdom into the light of international relations.

But eradicating North Korea’s nuclear arsenal may prove to be a more straightforward process than weaning the country off a pernicious personality cult that has enslaved it for three generations.

Macintyre continue describing that the entire North Korean people have been brainwashed.

Its re-integration into the world requires a special program to neutralize brainwashing, similar to the program to wipe out Nazi ideas from Germany after World War II.

He adds that North Korea is not a nation but a religion and a hereditary dictatorship.

When Kim Jong-un was building up his nuclear capabilities, he also gathered the symbols of the religious community.

The last guest revealed a statue of him on top of the sacred mountain of Paktu, and murals are being painted for the leader in all the provinces of the country.

Hours after his father’s succession, Kim Jong-un was on postage stamps, and 24 million emblems were distributed in the country.

A state-sponsored women’s band released a song called «We Call Him the Father», and of course the song was a hit.

The Kim’s father-to-son and grandson-in-law has established a dogma that combines tyranny, feudalism, repressive oppression and false religious symbols, a combination of Stalinist and Confucianism and North Korea’s «self-reliance».

He believes that the influence of this doctrine on the national spirit is greater than Nazism, Maoism, or Soviet communism in Stalin Style.

With a population of over 19 million followers, and is ranked tenth in the world in terms of followers.

He adds that the focus today is on how to integrate North Korea into the international community politically and militarily, but no one talked about the people who live in the camp of the largest religious community in the world, after the fall of the walls of the camp.

One of the miracles attributed to Kim’s family in North Korea is that Kim Jong-il, on the day of his birth, is a bright star and double rainbow, learning to walk three weeks and 1500 books.

Koreans also believe that those who die trying to save Kim’s images from fire or flood will become saints.

In each school there is a private room, such as holy sanctuary, where Kim’s family members and their sayings are made.

Most Kim’s citizens don’t complain about this life because they have not seen it.

Survival depends on full obedience, but disobedience is death.

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