Expectations point to the possibility of a new World War.

But it could erupt in an unexpected place far from the battlefields of World Wars I and II, which could be triggered by two rival states in Asia.

A potential war would be nuclear showdown, as India and Pakistan possess nuclear weapons and continue to strengthen their nuclear arsenals.

A possible war between India and Pakistan could kill 125 million people in just a few days, outnumbering World War II.

India and Pakistan each have 150 missiles with nuclear warheads, according to a report by US experts.

By 2025, that number will exceed 200.

If these weapons are used, our planet will suffer the consequences, including the unbearably harsh nuclear winter.

The war between India and Pakistan would double the world’s death rate.

Black smoke emissions will block solar rays, the earth’s temperature will drop sharply, and the botanist will no longer grow.

All this will affect organisms and humans.

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