Brian Hook, the US envoy to Iran, said that his country will only contribute to the process of returning Syria, on one condition.

Hook said in press statements: “We and the donor countries, will not pay a single penny in the reconstruction until we see a complete exit of Iranian forces from Syria”.

He pointed to the declining interest of Russia and Damascus in regard to Iran’s promotion of “its foreign policy in Syria and its relationship with the Lebanese Hezbollah”.

He considered that Russia will not pay the costs of the reconstruction of Syria, which is estimated at 400 billion dollars.

Officials and diplomats of the United States of America repeatedly declare their countries’ refusal to contribute to the reconstruction of Syria, and sometimes put the exit of the Iranian factions as a condition for that, as Hook mentioned, and at other times link this to the existence of a political process in Syria, as the American envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, stated with statements precedent.

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