The Ukrainian President wants from Israel to line up with them not to be mediators


The Ukrainian president Vlodomir Zelensky stated that he wants Israel to be more than a mediator and line up with his country.

“I really want the Israelis to be more than mediators, to choose a side… the Ukrainian side,” he said.

Zelensky noted that he was aware of what he called the complex relations that bind Israel with Russia, but he added that for a long time during the Russian military operation he expected Israeli support not only from the public but also from the government.

The Ukrainian President said that he had more than once asked for help from politicians in Israel, and touched on the good relations that Ukraine had with Israel over the years.

Asked about Israel’s actions against Iran and Iran’s alleged aid to Russia, Zelensky said he has an answer, but he can’t say it in order not to jeopardize the improvement in relations between Ukraine and Israel.

Last week, an Israeli parliamentary delegation visited Ukraine called on the government of Benjamin Netanyahu to provide military support to Kiev and not be satisfied with humanitarian aid.

Israel had distanced itself from providing military support to Ukraine, despite the latter’s appeal to Israel more than once to provide it, including the Iron Dome air defense system.

However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who took office in late December, said earlier this month that his country is considering providing Kiev with military aid, but hasn’t yet made a decision.

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