The Syrian army detained snipers from the French army at a checkpoint in Hasakah

The Syrian army has managed to detain French snipers at a checkpoint of its forces in the province of Hasakah.

«A convoy of 20 military jeeps Toyota Land Cruiser 200 jeep carrying 60 French soldiers coming from Iraq entered Syrian territory from the province of Hasakah.

The French military convoy entered Syria and arrived by mistake to a checkpoint that belongs to the Syrian army».

According to resources in the City of Hasakah to the north of Syria where the incident took place, that when the Syrian soldiers searched the cars found in sniper rifles and thermal tracking devices and other military equipment”.

In turn, the commander of the French group said during questioning that they had come to Syria to provide support and assistance to the «Syrian Democratic Forces» in its war against ISIS.

This incident gave another documented proof of the presence of French soldiers on Syrian territory”.

As for the French group they been later completed its way towards areas controlled by the «Syrian Democratic Forces».

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