Hannah Slinger, writer at Independent newspaper raises concerns regarding the possibility of postponing the US presidential elections, scheduled for the third of next November, under the pretext of the Coronavirus crisis.

In an article from New York, the Slinger refers to a television interview in which Jared Kouchner, Trump’s son-in-law and adviser, recently spoke about the elections.

When asked about the possibility of postponing the elections, he indicated that November is still far away”.

I’m not sure I can stick to one answer or another,” he said.

“Of course, Kushner has absolutely no power to determine whether or not the Americans will be able to vote to choose their next leader this fall,” the author says.

But regardless of that, his words are uncomfortable.

Words matter”.

After reviewing some of Trump’s decisions and policies and what happened in the past few years, Slinger says that “In the end, this is the same president who cited Article 2 of the constitution in defense of every mistake he made in his post, saying in 2019 referring to the same article: “I have the right Doing whatever I want as president”.

“It gives me all these rights at a level that no one has seen before”.

Responding to those who will argue that it is scary to think that Trump will foolishly postpone the elections, the author says, “Don’t underestimate a man who thinks only of his own interests.

At the moment – in this presidency, which is directed by greed and power, not altruism – what we really see is definitely what we will get”.

“When Trump tells us that he believes that Article 2 (of the Constitution) gives him the divine right to exercise executive power, which is a magical pen saturated with more authority than the powers of the two equal branches of government, you can believe that he really believes that”, Slinger says.

Because even if we fought with all our might, it might already be too late.

Know this now, while the fate of our elections is still pending.

Six months later: These words are not accidental, and the fire can be prevented, but we should expect it to happen.

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