The European Council has published a resolution adopted on Tuesday aimed at reducing cooperation with Turkey over its exploration of gas in the Cyprus Economic Zone and imposing a package of sanctions.

The document contains five items.

In one, the Council expressed its regret at Turkey’s continued exploration of the eastern Mediterranean in the waters of Cyprus, despite repeated EU calls for its suspension.

The Council stressed that such “illegal operations directly affect the whole relationship between the EU and Turkey” and reiterated its call on Turkey to abandon them and to act in a spirit of good neighborliness and respect for the sovereignty and sovereign rights of Cyprus under international law.

In the second item, the Council noted that the delimitation of exclusive economic zones and the continental shelf should be resolved through dialogue and fair negotiations, in full compliance with international law and in accordance with the principle of good-neighborly relations.

The Council stressed its commitment to United Nations-led efforts aimed at creating favorable conditions for the resumption of negotiations on a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus issue.

The Council called on the Turkish side to “shoulder its share of responsibility” for the Cyprus crisis and to contribute to addressing it in accordance with the relevant UN Security Council resolutions and the principles and laws of the European Union under Article III.

The fourth item defines the EU’s restrictive measures against Turkey: “As Turkey continues its illegal exploration operations… the Council decides to suspend the negotiations on the Comprehensive Air Transport Agreement and agrees not to hold the Association Council and other high-level meetings under way in the framework of the dialogue between EU and Turkey “.

The council also approved the EU proposal to cut aid to Turkey for 2020, and called on the EIB to review its lending activities in Turkey, particularly with regard to government-backed lending.

The European Council warned Turkey on the fifth item of the expansion of sanctions, pointing out that the issue of sanctions “remains under consideration” and called on the High Representative (for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy) and the European Commission to continue work on “options for measures in light of the ongoing drilling activities of Turkey In the eastern Mediterranean “.

Brussels concluded by saying that the European Council “will closely monitor the developments of the situation and will return to this issue if necessary”.

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