The EU is taking measures in order to support Iran against US sanctions

The European Union approved on Thursday an 18-million-euro ($ 20.6 million) development aid package to help Iran resist the effects of recent US sanctions.

The European Commission issued a statement that the aid package aims to support economic and social development projects in Iran to meet the main challenges.

The European Commission statement added that the package comes within the renewed cooperation and engagement between the European Union and Iran under the nuclear agreement with Tehran.

She explained that this amount is a down payment of the total 50 million Euros allocated in the EU budget to support Iran.

Federica Mogherini, EU foreign policy chief, said in the same statement that the bloc is committed to cooperating with Iran.

“This new package of aid will expand economic relations in areas that benefit our citizens directly”.

The European Union has vowed to abide by the nuclear deal signed by world powers with Iran in the summer of 2015, after US President Donald Trump announced in May that he would withdraw from it.

On August 6, Washington reintroduced its first package of economic sanctions against Iran, mainly targeting the banking sector, including the Iranian government’s purchase of the US dollar, the gold trade and the sale of government bonds.

A second sanctions package is due to start in early November, targeting the energy sector.

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