Italy has witnessed a rapid and frightening development during the past few days, in light of the spread of the new Corona virus, which turned into a pandemic (a global pandemic) that killed thousands and spread in about 160 countries.

Italy’s health authorities announced today, Monday, that the number of people infected with the “Covid 19” disease caused by the emerging corona virus increased by more than 3 thousand from what it was yesterday, in addition to 349 deaths.

The total number of injured reached 27,980 injured, while deaths increased to 2,158 cases.

Thus, the number of deaths in the country increased to more than double that of last Thursday, and the number of deaths increased by 13 thousand injuries since then.

In a publication that was very popular on Facebook, one of the Egyptians residing in Italy described how the situation developed in the European country and took a sad dramatic curve with accelerated rates of injury and death.

The young Mohammed Ramadan says that the Italians were waiting for the daily report of injuries and deaths every day at six in the evening local time, and in conjunction with this, they went out to the balconies and windows to sing, in order to spread the spirit of positivity.

Ramadan added in his post yesterday, Sunday: “At 6 o’clock, I decided to punish people and decided to be a terrible hour for everyone who lives in Italy.

Today was the worst since the crisis began.

Today many have died in their homes because they no longer have a place in hospitals. Six o’clock became scary”.

In its statement issued on Sunday evening, the Civil Protection Authority announced the registration of 368 deaths within 24 hours, the highest daily increase in the death rate since the outbreak of the disease in the country, and the number of injuries increased by more than 3,500 injuries.

Global infections with the new Corona virus, which first appeared in central China at the end of last year, approached 180,000, and deaths exceeded 7,000 deaths, while the number of people recovered approached 78,000.

While most cases were registered in China until the middle of last month, the “Covid 19” disease spread rapidly in different regions of the world, and the injuries reached 15 thousand in Iran and 9 thousand in Spain, along with hundreds in about 160 other countries.

A number of countries in the Middle East, Europe and some American states have suspended the study, partially or temporarily, in addition to canceling many public events and events and isolating millions of citizens.

Several countries also disrupted flights and land between each other, fearing the continued spread of the virus.

On March 11, the World Health Organization classified the coronavirus as a “pandemic” or “global pandemic”, confirming that the infection figures are increasing very quickly, expressing concern that the infected population may increase significantly.


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