Fighters of the US backed SDF attacked the building of a government public bank in the city of Hasakeh (northeastern Syria) and extended their control over it, transferring it to a security headquarters after expelling the remaining guards.

On Thursday, at the city of Hasakeh, a large group of SDF organization, which is affiliated with the US, attacked the main building of the Syrian Commercial Bank branch of the government, which is within the gathering of the official government departments in the southern section of Ghweran neighborhood, at the entrance of Al Zuhur neighborhood in the city of Hasakeh,.

The SDF fighters removed the iron fences and surrounding walls, in order to turn it into a security center for them.

The building that was controlled by SDF is located near the Industrial Prison, Industrial Secondary School and the Industrial Institute, which the US army and its affiliate organization have turned into a prison and detention center for interrogating ISIS operatives detained in the central Hasakeh prison.

A Syrian government source in Hasakeh province told Russian news agency Sputnik correspondent that the building of the Syrian Commercial Bank branch is located on the outskirts of Al Zuhur neighborhood in the city of Hasakeh, which is one of the buildings free of employees, equipment and funds, after moving it to a temporary headquarters in the city of Hasakeh, which is under the control of the Syrian Army, except for the elements of the Department The guards who protect the building.

The US backed SDF organization expelled government officials and students from the Tourism Directorate building, which also includes the hotel’s tourist high school and the Technical Institute for Tourist and Hotel Sciences in the Al Zuhur neighborhood of Hasakeh.

The SDF elements changed all the door locks of the building, and set up security guards and barriers around it, turning it into a headquarters for them, indicating that the building of the Tourism Directorate and the Commercial Bank building are located within the government departments assembly south of the city of Hasakeh, which controls a large part of SDF organization, alongside the US Alliance forces.

The Commercial Bank building and the Tourism Directorate building were occupied by SDF organization after attacking the sites of the Syrian army in August 2016, and after negotiations between the joint committee of the two parties (the Syrian Army) and the (Kurdish People’s Protection Units) regarding the implementation of the Hmeimim Agreement between the two parties, it was returned Government work to a number of buildings of the Syrian state institutions, including (the Directorate of Tourism, the Commercial Bank branch, the Institute for the Deaf and Mute, the General Administration of the Syrian Grain Foundation, the branch of the Euphrates University and the faculties of economics and civil engineering).

The SDF organization, with the support of the US army forces, has been able to convert many buildings of government, military and police departments and institutions into security centers for the Kurdish factions, and from these buildings (the building of the Civil Status Directorate in the province of Hasakeh and the branch of the fuel company (SADCOP) and the Directorate of Industry and the Authority The General Supervision and Inspection, the Ghweran Grain Center, the Immigration, Passports, Traffic and Central Prison Police branches), despite the many demands to return it to work, because of this has a great impact on the daily life of citizens in the governorate.

These developments come amid the increasing arrival of military and logistical reinforcements for the US military to its illegal bases in the governorates of Hasakeh and Deir Al Zour.


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