Saudi Ambassador to Moscow: Negotiations on supply Russian S-400 to the KSA are proceeding well

The Saudi ambassador to Moscow said that talks between Riyadh and Moscow on the supply of Russian air defense systems S-400 to Saudi Arabia are going well.

He said in a statement to the Russian «Sputnik» agency published on Thursday, that the transaction takes place after the end of the technical review.

«What is happening now is to discuss the technical details about the transfer of mechanisms, and other technical details between experts from both sides…

Experts need to end their discussions», he said.

«We cannot set a specific date for ending the talks, but it is going very well», he said.

«The negotiations on the supply of the Russian system to the Kingdom have reached their final stages».

Russia announced that an agreement had been reached with the Kingdom to sell the system and other systems and weapons on the sidelines of King Salman’s visit to Moscow last October.

Worth to mention that Russia is already preceding manufacturing and delivering S-400 system to Turkey with approximate of four unites, based on agreement between Russian and Turkish government.

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