The Pentagon said Thursday that Russian forces have increased their military presence in Syria.

This came by the secretary of Defense Mark Esber, during a speech before the US Congress, and he said, “The Russian military presence in Syria has increased during the past month and a half”.

Esper added that the most dangerous of the military increase is the presence of interdependence between Russia and Turkey over Syria.

He pointed out that this expansion does not cause concern as much as it raises “the expansion of Russian influence in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere”.

On December 1, the Bosphorus Observatory, which specializes in monitoring the crossing of sea ships for the Bosphorus host, confirmed that a Russian giant container ship had crossed the fjord and headed towards the Syrian coast.

The photos published by the observatory on its official account on Twitter show the presence of several giant containers on board a ship named “Sparta”.

Close to the Syrian coast, especially Tartus, is located in western Syria, a huge military and logistic base of the Russian Navy.

Two Russian ships arrived last year at Tartous after crossing the Bosphorus, and were carrying various equipment and weapons, including the Soviet BTR armored personnel carriers.

Russia has strengthened its military presence in Syria by deploying 21 Sukhoi 25 ground-attack aircraft, 12 Sukhoi-24 interceptor fighters, multi-role bombers, helicopters, tanks, artillery and other weapons, as well as providing the Syrian army with the S300 defense system.

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