The Syrian Observatory for Human rights said aides to Al Nusra Front leader Abu Mohammed Al Golani were involved in the 2015 kidnapping of Spanish and German journalists who had ransomed Qatari intelligence to free them.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a number of Al Nusra leaders and elements were involved in the operation.

The journalists were released about a year or less after being kidnapped in exchange for a ransom paid by their governments for their release.

The source said that “a group in Turkey kidnapped Spanish journalists in coordination with a deputy leader of the Al Nusra Front then Abu Mohammed Al Golani, where this man was the secretary of Al Golani, who managed the negotiations”.

Sources familiar with the details of the release of the Spanish journalists said that $ 16 million was paid to leaders and elements in Al Nusra Front for its implementation under the auspices of the Qatari intelligence.

With regard to the kidnapping of German journalist Janina Windesen, reliable sources confirmed that “Al Golani and his deputy have received $ 5 million from the Qatari intelligence and handed over the hostage to them, as happened in the case of the Spanish hostages, Japanese journalist and nuns Maaloula, and others”.

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