Israeli authorities “released” Palestinian girl Ahed Al Tamimi after spending 8 months in prison

The Israeli authorities released on Sunday morning a Palestinian girl, Ahd Al Tamimi and her mother, after spending eight months in prison on charges of “obstructing the work and attacking Israeli soldiers”.

After long waiting and pretrial attempts by the Israeli army, before her handover, her father, a former prisoner, who was in Israeli prisons at the entrance to the town of Al Nabi Saleh, west of Ramallah, was waiting for dozens of Palestinian journalists and youths who hugged her warmly and exchanged warm salutes.

Following her release, she was surrounded be journalists, she made a statement in which she confirmed that she would continue to resist the Israeli occupation, and promised journalists a conference later, in which she exposed the messages that she carried out from the Palestinian prisoners.

The Israeli forces arrested the 17 year old “Ahd Al Tamimi” on December 19 last year, after a video clip appeared with her cousin Nur Al Tamimi, approaching two Israeli soldiers based on a wall in the courtyard of the Palestinian town of Nabi Saleh, and ask them to leave the place and are kicking them And slap them.

Al-Tamimi’s arrest and trial were widely contested by media and human rights activists as “the icon of Palestine” because of her audacity and persistence in her video, which slapped an Israeli soldier as well as during the trial, despite her young age.

In March, an Israeli military court sentenced Tamimi to eight months in prison for “obstructing and attacking an Israeli soldier” under an understanding reached by the military prosecution in Israel with his defense team.

Tamimi, hours after the announcement of her arrest, turned 19 December 2017 into an “icon” of peaceful popular resistance in Palestine.

The number of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons is about 6500 detainees, including about 350 children, according to official Palestinian statistics.

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