Under the eyes of the American forces and its “SDF” militia in the eastern countryside of Deir Al Zour, the terrorist organization “ISIS” cells continue to kill, kidnap and impose financial taxes on the population.

Local sources in the Deir Al Zour countryside, reported that an armed group from ISIS executed a young man in front of a local crowd at a football field in the eastern countryside of Deir Al Zour, where its corners are spread The American military forces and its “SDF” militia.

Reports from Deir Al Zour revealed that ISIS group stormed a popular soccer field, Tuesday, in the town of Al Hawai in the eastern countryside of Deir Al Zour, during a match between a number of young men from the villages, and executed a young resident of the region, and then burned his body in the sight of more than 200 Civilian from the audience of the match, before calling out to everyone: “This is a penalty for handing over the brothers”… in apparent reference to ISIS operatives.

The elements of ISIS, and after the alleged fall of their “state” in the eastern Euphrates regions, they split into two parts, one of them joined the “SDF” organization affiliated with the “American coalition” forces, and some of them became leaders in the organization, while the second section remained within their areas and their villages in a hidden and public way, and they are still spreading their teachings and brochures regarding the organization, in addition to imposing financial taxes on people, and killing and threatening everyone who opposes them, all under the auspices of the “US coalition” that claims to fight the organization.

It is noteworthy that ISIS cells are still active in the vicinity of the Syrian oil wells whose stocks are being stolen by the American army in the countryside of Deir Al Zour, Hassakeh and Raqqa, despite the successive security operations announced by the so-called “international coalition” and the “SDF” organization, which usually It turns out that it is closer to criminal acts against the people of the eastern Euphrates regions.

In another context, the Turkish army and its “Syrian Turkmen opposition” militia have been launching a violent bombardment since Tuesday afternoon at points of the Syrian Army in rural Raqqa, northeastern Syria.

As field correspondent in Al Hasakeh stated that the Turkish army and its “Syrian Turkmen” militia mercenaries have been waging a violent bombardment since Tuesday afternoon, on “Arida” village in the countryside of Tal Abyad, north of Raqqa, indicating that this village is overcrowded with Syrian civilians displaced from its vicinity, which is under the control of the Syrian government.

The bombing of “Arida” began to take a discontinuous course this evening, and it comes after another launched by the Turkish army and “Turkmen” militias on Monday evening, targeting the villages of “Umm Al Keif” and “Tawila” of the “Tel Tamr” district northwest of Hasakeh governorate, resulted in the injury of a civilian and a soldier in the Syrian army.


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