The political advisor to the speaker of the Iranian parliament, Amir Abd al Lahian, pledged to continue defending Syria and providing it with support.

The Iranian Parliament Khanah Mellat Agency reported that Abd al Lahian met on Monday the UN envoy to Syria, Geir Pedersen, and discussed with him the latest developments in the political process.

According to the source, “Abd al Lahyan said during the meeting that” “Iran will continue to strongly defend Syria and the security of this important country in the region”.

He emphasized that some terrorist groups in Syria are trying to get out of the United Nations blacklist by changing their names.

In turn, “Pederson” said that the political process in Syria is proceeding “relatively well,” adding that “an atmosphere of mistrust between the various parties is still impeding its progress”.

It is noteworthy that “Pederson” arrived on Sunday to Tehran from Moscow to discuss the file of the Syrian Constitutional Committee and the efforts made to hold a new round of talks.

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