It seems that madness is rooted in the family of former British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, one of the most vocal supporters of Britain’s exit from the European Union, who resigned from British Prime Minister Theresa May government to protest the government’s approach to the treaty and the British exit negotiations with the EU.

British journalist Rachel Johnson, the sister of former British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, surprised her guests and viewers, who watched her live, Thursday, while she striped, taking her shirt off in protest at the Brexit agreement, in which Britain is leaving the European Union.

Rachel Johnson followed the footsteps of the British Academy Victoria Bateman, a professor of economics at the University of Cambridge, who also complained last week during a program on “BBC Radio 4” in protest against the Convention of Brexit.

The move by the British journalist Rachel Johnson left the public, her colleagues, and guest involved in the show on Sky News, in shock.

This British broadcaster later revealed that what appeared on the screen was not as it seemed, since she was wearing a short bra.

It seems that this means of protesting against a British exit agreement from the European Union, known as the Brexit, is intended to draw attention to the fact that Britain will be exposed Naked after the exit from the European Union.


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