Finland needs to receive three times the number of immigrants than it currently has


Due to Finland’s aging population pyramid and low birth rate, the country is in dire need to receive three times the number of immigrants it currently receives, with the aim of promoting growth and improving public financial revenues, according to the independent ETLA Institute for Economic Research.

In a new report titled Immigration, Labor Force Appropriateness, and the Effects of Economic Assessment, Finland needs a new labor force to increase tax revenues and ensure continuity of social welfare.

The report warned that the percentage of the country’s labor force will decline by 20% by 2070, if Finland maintains the level of accepting the current number of immigrants annually, which is an average of 15,000 immigrants.

According to the research institution, Finland should increase the number of immigrants coming to it annually by 44,000 people without delay, and not wait until 2030, the year in which the current government said it aims to increase the number of immigrants, who represent the labor force, to 50,000 people annually.

To close the employment gap, Finland not only needs highly qualified immigrants, but also workers with a lower level of education, who will in turn be key to keeping basic services running.

It’s expected that the immigration file will be a major subject of discussion during the period leading up to the legislative elections next April.

Unlike most other large political parties, the nationalist and populist Finns, currently third in opinion polls at 18% will allow qualified workers from the EU to enter Finland.

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