Erdogan to begin his reign in power with full authorities starting from Monday

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced that he will officially begin his duties as president under the new presidential system, following his swearing-in next Monday.

This came in a speech delivered by Erdogan on Friday at a conference of his AK Party in Ankara.

Erdogan said that the participation rate in the recent elections amounted to 86.24 percent and the number of voters amounted to 50 million and 68 thousand, I thank each of them in my name and in the name of my people.

He pointed out their intention to continue the People’s Alliance between the parties of Justice and Development and the National Movement, in the Turkish parliament, given the distribution of the number of deputies and the situation in the country, and expressed great gratitude for the consensus visions with the National Movement Party.

“We will announce the formation of the restructured ministries, through the first decree by law, which we will issue after the swearing-in next Monday, and we will announce the composition of the administration of the country on the same evening”.

Erdogan, explained that the President of the Republic will perform the functions of the executive authority directly instead of the Council of Ministers authorized by the Parliament.

The Popular People’s Party (SPP) grassroots has also called for the party leaders to be held accountable, accusing them of channeling some of their constituencies to vote for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in order for the latter to exceed the parliamentary threshold (10 percent).

He pointed out that the Peoples Democratic Party is following the approach of the PKK.

“I call on everyone from the Republican People’s Party, who loves his country, his people, his republic and his state, to hold the party’s administration accountable for this disgraceful act”, Erdogan said.

“The people and history will be held accountable for making the oldest party in Turkey a puppet in the hands of marginal people in the West and a handful of terrorist leaders outside the country”.

He warned that the lack of self-accountability by the Republican People’s Party would cause his PKK to shift from a tactical to a basic one.

“We are working to accelerate the pace of the state’s work by merging institutions that carry out similar actions and abolish inefficient institutions”.

The Turkish president pointed out that the country has a date with the local elections soon.

“But before that we have to complete the analysis of the June 24 elections and take the necessary steps in this regard”.

He stressed the issue of correcting and correcting the mistakes made and then running for local elections in March.

He stressed that the results of the recent elections should be well evaluated.

“We’re not a party that is satisfied with having won first place in the elections, and we don’t see it as a success”.

He pointed out that the next Turkish government will not be as partisan as it was in the past, saying: “We now prepare a crew of government of our friends are not partisan”.

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