Erdogan says Turkey must remain secular

Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said Tuesday, that the State must stand at a distance of one regarding all religious beliefs after the statment of the President of the Turkish parliament to enact a new constitution to cancel the reference to secularism.

Erdogan added that the parliament chairman Ismail Kahraman was expressing his personal opinions when he said that Turkey needs a religious constitution.

The proposal is incompatible with the founding principles of the Turkish Republic of a secular country predominantly Muslim population.

the Turkish president clarified that «My views known in this regard, the fact is that the State must stand on an equal distance from all religious beliefs and this is the secularism.» Comments raised Kahraman criticisms of opposition and paid to organize a brief protest in the streets, Tuesday. Kahraman Sadikoglu said, later, that his comments were an expression of «personal views».

Source: Sky News

Turkey needs religious constitution

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