Turkish Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hamis Aksoy said that the recent statements of the Greek Foreign Minister, Nikos Dundas, on social media, are tangible evidence of Greece’s inhumane policies and violating international laws.

In a statement, Aksoy explained that the Greek authorities’ treatment of asylum seekers gathered at its borders reminds the practices of the Nazis.

He continued, saying: “The Greek authorities are stripping the asylum seekers of their clothes, stealing their money and identities, beating them and returning them to our country, and this reminds us of the practices of the Nazis.”

Aksoy stressed that Greece is tampering with the full values ​​on which the European Union is built, and is not protecting the European borders as it claims.

He pointed out that Greece is using the file of asylum seekers to achieve short-term political interests.

Asylum seekers continue to wait at the border area separating Turkey and Greece, waiting for the opportunity to cross into Europe, amid exposure to the violence of the Greek security forces.

Since last February 27, asylum seekers began to flock to Turkey’s western borders, following Ankara’s announcement that it would not hinder their movement towards Europe.

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