Al Nusra Front sells the land it acquired in Idlib at half price!

Land prices in Idlib and real estate in general have declined due to the large offer provided by the “Al Nusra front” and its umbrella “HTS”.

The private property that was acquired by the people for many reasons, including the expansion of the area and the high price and the continued ownership of the Syrian state.

Traders in the real estate market in Idlib told the Syrian news paper Al Watan Online that land prices fell by 30 percent as opposed to what was expected due to the introduction of elements, and the leaders of “Nusra” for sale of land acquired during the period of control over Idlib in areas of control over 70 percent of the area of ​​the province.

The dealers pointed out that many of the terrorists of  “Al Nusra” sold their property less than half the price for several reasons, including some of them fled from Idlib across the Turkish border from a smugglers’ way of dealing with the Turkish border guards in return for charging $ 5,000 for all my terror and weakness for the leaders, in addition to their fear of taking a decision to withdraw from the “demilitarized zone” in response to Turkish pressure following the rounds of several negotiations held by the leaders of the “Nusra” with Turkish intelligence.

Traders in the real estate market said the border areas with Turkey, controlled by Al Nusra front, witnessed the sale of large tracts of land during the days with its fears growing worse, whether by dissolution or by military confrontation with the Syrian Army.

The “Al Nusra front” has a department and a private official for the real estate that manages its rental money even to its original owners, whose land and property were taken over by the Commission under the pretext that its area is large, especially over 50 hectares or containing large numbers olive trees.

The Authority’s “legislators” play a major role in launching the land acquisition fatwas, then leasing or seizing them for their own benefit.

Prior to the campaign of assassinations witnessed by Idlib at different times or real estate officials in the “Al Nusra front” last year, and accused farmers of carrying out assassinations in response to the unjust policy of terrorist organization against them.

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