Israel renewed its bombardment of Syria in the midst of Arab and international silence that does not exceed the scope of condemnation at times, but the bombing tonight was the heaviest, according to Sputnik correspondent in Damascus.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the strike targeted Iranian military installations belonging to the Quds Force and Syrian military positions.

Israeli air strikes have been seen as a grave mistake and contrary to international law, while Stanislav Tarasov, an expert on Middle East issues, suggested in an interview with “No Restrictions” that Russia and Israel would sign a document of understanding on cooperation in Syria.

Media talked about a document between Russia and Israel for this matter, however it seems like, it wouldn’t come to light because Israel doesn’t trust such document, as well as the differences between Moscow and Tel Aviv because the former seeks to defuse tension in the region while the other invests in terrorism.

Regarding the targeting of military facilities of the Quds Force, pictures showed that the raids targeted residential neighborhoods and schools in the suburb of Qudsaya, Muadamiyeh, Jaramana, Sahnaya and Al Kiswah area and resulted in human and material losses”.

The Israeli army said its warplanes bombed dozens of Iranian and Syrian targets inside Syria on Wednesday, in what it called a retaliatory attack.

An IDF statement said: “In response to missiles fired by an Iranian force from Syrian territory into Israel last night, IDF aircraft bombed dozens of military targets of the Iranian Quds Force and the Syrian armed forces, including surface-to-air missiles, headquarters, weapons depots and bases. Military”.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that the strike carried out by the Israeli Air Force on Wednesday at dawn in Syria, targeting Iranian military installations, was in response to the bombing of Israel.

Netanyahu said in a statement on Wednesday: “I made it clear that no matter who will harm us, we’ll respond painfully, and so we did against the military objectives of the Iranian Quds forces and Syrian military installations after they were fired rockets yesterday at Israel.

We’ll be steadfast in ensuring Israel’s security”.

The Israeli army said on Tuesday it had successfully intercepted four rockets fired from Syria into Israel.

Later, the Israeli army announced the targeting of military sites, which it said belonged to the Iranian Quds Forces and the Syrian army in the vicinity of the capital Damascus, while Damascus confirmed its air defenses against missiles and shot down most of them.

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