After Biden… Classified documents found at Pence’s house


Sources revealed to CNN the nature of the classified documents that were found in the home of former US Vice President Donald Trump, Mike Pence, in Indiana last week.

The sources said the documents included material described as memos prepared for Pence’s foreign trips.

The sources added that some of these confidential documents were likely used to prepare foreign meetings for Pence, and that they may have been overlooked during the mobilization process because they were among old travel folders.

According to a source, the secret documents weren’t noticeable unless the workers browsed through the folders carefully, indicating that the notes contained basic information on the biographies of foreign leaders, and sometimes more sensitive information.

A source, who was shown some of the classified documents, told CNN that, based on what they were told, there was nothing particularly unusual about the documents.

The source also described the hashtags in terms of confidentiality as being at the lower level.

CNN reported, earlier this month, that documents found in the former private office of President Joe Biden in Washington included US intelligence notes and briefing materials related to Ukraine, Iran and the United Kingdom dating back to the period when Joe Biden was in office as Vice President of Barack Obama.

CNN reported earlier that some of the documents found in Biden’s former office were classified as top secret.

Likewise, more than 300 classified documents were found earlier at the Mar-a-Lago resort owned by former US President Donald Trump in Palm Beach, Florida, whether in boxes handed over by Trump aides to the National Archives or in materials found later the FBI.

During the August FBI search, 18 documents were classified as top secret and 54 classified, according to court filings.

It is worth noting that the US Department of Justice announced a few days ago the appointment of a public prosecutor to investigate the case of US President Joe Biden’s confidential documents.

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