New Zealand is linked to solving the mystery of Israeli agent Eli Cohen through a Syrian refugee living in its territory who says he is the son of former Syrian president Amin Al Hafiz.

In one episode of program on News hub in New Zealand, revealed information that New Zealand intelligence has received information owned by a Syrian refugee living in Auckland, the site quotes Khaled Al Hafiz as saying: “I am the only person on this planet who knows where Eli Cohen was buried”.

New Zealand intelligence contacted Khaled two years ago.

“I was collaborating with New Zealand intelligence on a mission with the Mossad to help them“ try to find the remains of Cohen”, he said.

“It was thought that Khaled might have evidence related to the secret his father took with him to the grave”, he said.

“You’re about to hear a story that no one has ever heard before”, he said.

“No one at all, I don’t want to do it (for the secret) for money or for Mossad, but for Cohen’s wife and children”.

The same source details the messages between the intermediary and Khalid intelligence, sent last year, in which the two sides talked about communicating with the Mossad, one in which the Mossad asked Khaled to communicate with close to his father for more information, and in the other Khaled asked for at least $ 1 million to complete with them What he started”.

The response to Khaled’s request was positive, in theory, at first, and communication between the two sides was cut off (the Mossad may not have been convinced of his story), which apparently angered Khaled and his mediator.

The agreement is null and void.

Khaled, who initially claimed that he wasn’t doing for money and then asked for $ 1 million, commented on what happened recently, saying his intention was good but it went wrong, adding that he could have solved a 53-year-old mystery.

Full details from the source with a video, here

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