The Shellshock Series – Episode V: Operation Condor, and the story continues

The words of the US diplomacy in the early and mid-seventies, Henry Kissinger, were, “We’re in an alliance within a struggle between the forces of good in the free world and the forces of communist evil represented in the Soviet Union and its allies, which are trying to control the countries of Central and Latin America”.

The US documents released by the CIA, which showed that all the details of the plan and implementation of Operation Condor, showed that she was the daughter of the School of the Americas.

The documents also revealed that plans for the operation developed between security officials at the School of the Americas and during the American Armies Conference in order to deal with activists and political dissidents in Central and Latin American countries.

In short, Uncle Sam raised his dogs, and released them as ferocious beasts, to carry out his policies and safeguard his interests in Central and Latin America.

Disgustingly, one of the graduate dogs of the School of the Americas, and one head of Operation Condor, the head of the Chilean secret police, Manuel Contreras, wasn’t only receiving information and instructions from Washington, but you had the hateful being, paid by Uncle Sam, until 1977, and that Although it was revealed a full year before that.

Everyone knew he had a hand in the assassination of the Chilean dissident, Orlando Littleler, by detonating a car bomb.

Where was that done?

In the heart of the American capital… Washington!

The United States allowed the killing of this Chilean dissident on its soil, and in the heart of his capital, near the Capitol Building and the White House!

And she kept paying the killer’s salary!

Isn’t that disgusting?

No, they shamelessly lecture us on values ​​and freedom?!

Later investigations revealed that the perpetrators of the assassination were five Cuban pursuers, who had fled Cuba for their opposition to Fidel Castro’s rule.

They were recruited to blow up the car of Chilean dissident Letelier, and kill him.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is that graduates of the School of the Americas, upon their return to their countries and assignments, nominate and send new trainees to the School.

That is, it is a farm of clients that reproduce, raise and enlarge itself, and it is it that selects its members.

In late 1992, lawyer and human rights activist Dr. Martin Almada and Judge Jose Augustin Fernandez, of Paraguay, revealed a huge collection of documents documenting the brutal practices of the regime of the dictatorial Paraguayan president, General Alfredo Stoesner, a graduate of the School of the Americas and all its officers and members, who were Also alumni of the School of the Americas.

A large number of files were found in a police department in Paraguay’s capital, Asuncion.

These documents were called (the archives of terror) due to the horror and horror of the crimes that were committed and the details mentioned in those documents.

The shock was that the documents discovered in Paraguay not only documented crimes committed in Paraguay alone, but those files documented crimes committed in other countries such as Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

Thus, the disclosure of Paraguay documents, one of the most important proofs and evidence about Operation Condor and its details.

Those documents mentioned the extent of coordination between the American embassies in those countries with the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and those repressive regimes in those countries, and the extent of coordination that took place during the processing and implementation of Operation Condor, whether providing information or providing material, moral and logistical support, with full coordination and on the highest levels.

Henry Kissinger didn’t hide his full support for the repression and genocide in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and other countries.

On October 5, 1976, Henry Kissinger, who was the US Secretary of State, met with the Argentine Foreign Minister, Vice Admiral Cesar Augusto Guzzetti within the Argentine military coup government.

Kissinger said to him frankly: “We wish you success…the sooner you go, the better” Kissinger continued, “The United States reads about human rights problems, but the United States doesn’t look at them in Argentina!”

The United States is fully aware of everything that is going on, but it is an internal matter related to the tasks of the state.

In other words, we know about the arrest, kidnapping, torture, rape and murder that you are doing, and you must hurry up!

All of these crimes, including executions, torture, throwing people alive in the ocean and kidnapping babies, are not considered human rights in the American perspective, or perhaps in the private perspective of Mr. Kissinger.

Arrest, execution, enforced disappearance, etc. are all acceptable measures, and Mr. Kissinger commended these actions in a written note!

We come here to see the following:

If it was assumed, that Operation Condor Waltep was a secret security-intelligence operation with American coordination with countries in Central and Latin America, you are not supposed to know…. How then were all these details discovered about it?

In June, 1999, the then-President of the United States issued an order requiring the State Department to publish a large set of documents that had been declassified under US law.

These documents revealed that the United States of America, through the Central Intelligence Agency, and the US State Department and Defense, was directly aware of all the details of Operation Condor.

Among what was published, a memorandum indicating that the United States had a team dedicated to directly overseeing the operation, which was classified as a plan to eliminate all forms and types of Marxist-communist “terrorist” activities.

In addition to papers belonging to the US State Department, indicating that the US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, was receiving regular reports on the progress of the operation, and also, revealing another memorandum issued by the US State Department, addressed to the US ambassadors in the countries of the southern part of Latin America in particular. Expressing “the concern of the United States of America” about the plans of the governments and regimes of those countries to get rid of their opponents inside and outside the territories of those countries.

We have learned, over the years, that when a Western official comes out to the media and expresses his “concern and the concern of his country” about something, you should immediately smell the blood on the hands of that official and his country’s government…because that declaration of “concern”.

It’s nothing but a tacit acknowledgment and full knowledge of the truth of the crimes and atrocities that are taking place, and that this announcement is nothing but a type of objection registration as a matter of moral and diplomatic merit, and without any declaration of interference in preventing it.

Some CIA documents also reveal that the operation is nothing but an organized operation to combat terrorism, organized crime, and the arms and drug trade.

And all the documents confirmed that Washington knew, and was almost completely aware of all the steps, details and procedures of the process, from its beginning to its end, and had direct instructions on it, its work plan and the progress of its implementation, and it was exchanging information about wanted groups, organizations, individuals, their activities and their whereabouts, with the security and intelligence services in the countries that were the scene of that operation.

Not to mention the revealing of the investigations that took place in the countries where the operation took place, such as Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Where the United States supported all the dictatorial regimes ruling those countries and provided them with all forms of support and protection, at home and abroad.

For example, the United States sent Colonel Robert Thierry to Paraguay to help build the La Tecnica prison and investigation center, as part of Operation Condor.

This building has turned into a torture center, where the secret police of the Paraguayan dictator, Alfredo Stoesner, which was led by one of the biggest criminals, also a graduate of the School of the Americas, Pastor Coronel, was using the most heinous methods of torture that the human mind cannot even imagine.

And the least heinous of these actions, tearing the Communist Party advisor in Paraguay with an electric chainsaw while he was alive, as the Paraguayan dictator, General Alfredo Stoesner, heard his screams as he was being cut off, from the handset!

The Paraguayan dictator’s record of crimes during his rule includes over 20,000 dead.

Less than four years ago, specifically in 2019, a group of homeless young men punched the skulls and bones of a number of his opponents, in one of his abandoned presidential palaces.

Government agencies in Paraguay are still, to this day, searching and excavating mass graves of the victims of this dictator’s regime, in a number of locations, especially in the presidential palaces area and the surrounding lands.

Some reports mention that the dictator of Paraguay, Alfredo Stoesner, may have been suffering from a psychological state, as he was requesting to record the sounds of the screams of detainees while they tortured and killed them in unimaginable ways, and sent them and forced the families of these detainees to listen to them.

After Operation Condor was completed, a series of separate operations were carried out, aimed at eliminating witnesses, or personalities who knew any information and details about Operation Condor.

The most famous of these operations, Operation Silence, which was an operation planned and carried out by the Chilean intelligence and security services, immediately after the Paraguayan documents were revealed, in order to conceal all the practices and crimes that had been done in Chile.

During that process, a large number of people disappeared and killed, in order to hide the original crime of Operation Condor.

Whoever thinks that Operation Condor is the worst thing that has happened in Latin America, we must tell him that Operation Condor was nothing but an operation that was planned and implemented in a specific number of Latin American countries, and it was a plan that was laid on the basis of cooperation and coordination of work between the regimes of those countries. Countries, on the other hand, had to cross the borders of other countries to track down and liquidate wanted persons, or kidnap them and bring them to their countries.

All this was done with the highest levels of coordination, cooperation and support between those countries.

On the other hand, in each country separately, it had its own operation, which was carried out to get rid of its opponents and those whose regimes did not want their presence, such as the operation called Operation Colombo, based on which the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet was tried.

The Chilean secret police planned and implemented Operation Colombo in 1975, to get rid of about 120 political opponents and activists, all of whom were either arrested, kidnapped or later killed.

Also, there is another operation that took place in Chile after the success of Augusto Pinochet’s coup, called Operation Caravan of Death.

It was a killing squad that was transported by helicopter, from the south of Chile to the north, and carried out the killing and execution of more than 75 people, after they were kidnapped and tortured in terrible ways.

The Chilean dictator was also being tried for the crimes of that operation in 2002, but he died in 2006 before it could sentence him.

In Uruguay, Juan Maria Bordaberry declared himself ruler of the country, banning all forms of work and political activity, banning the existence of parties, and ruling the country in a period considered one of the darkest periods in the country’s history, during which the Uruguayan people lived years of oppression, in which thousands subjected Various forms of imprisonment, torture and murder.

Before the coup that brought Juan Maria Bordaberry to power in the country, specifically before 1973, the US Central Intelligence Agency was providing advisory services to the security authorities in the country, and many officers and members of the security services in Uruguay were receiving training at the School of the Americas, at the hands and under the supervision of Daniel Anthony Mitrione, who was training local police officers in torture techniques, and violent interrogation, until he kidnapped and killed by a rebel group in Uruguay in 1970.

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