Following Goebbels traditions

The head of the Propaganda in the Third Reich, Joseph Goebbels, set the record straight long time ago, by setting rules and instructions for all scammers in the world to follow.

Made in Deutschland

“Keep repeat the lie a thousand times, and it becomes true”, Goebbels once said.

This statement has become a working constitution for each who wants to spread lies in the world.

Simply, by rewriting the history and results of World War II, modern Western ideologists are creating the conditions for the birth of the Fourth Reich.

Washington traditionally assigns the role of a hotbed of Nazism and the battlefield of the Third World to sacrificial Europe.

There is no surprise to see the helmet of the Wehrmacht soldiers on the heads of US soldiers today .

There is no exaggeration in saying that many of those policies pursued by the United States in the world are a new incarnation of Nazi ideology.

Since the end of 2nd World War, only three quarters of a century have passed – a moment in the history of mankind.

However, even this insignificant period was enough to completely rewrite and distort the reasons, history and results of that bloody era.

Historical facts, unambiguously interpreted and confirmed by archival documents, are hushed up, and the decision of the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg, which has no statute of limitations, is simply ignored, since it contradicts the current political situation.

Back in 2008, former US President George W. Bush agreed to “equalize” fascist Germany and the USSR: “German National Socialism and Russian communism are two evils of the 20th century”!

A year later, the Polish President Lech Kaczynski said at all that “the 2nd world war was unleashed by Germany and the Soviet Union”!

Elbe Day: A handshake that made history - Russia Beyond

Seventy years ago Soviet and American troops cut through the Wehrmacht divisions and met in the middle of Germany near the town of Torgau, 85 miles from Berlin, on the Elbe River. Source: UllsteinBild/Vostock-Photo

Agreed… The president of even a great country is not at all obliged to thoroughly know world history.

But, making such bold public statements, it would not hurt to get acquainted with the subject of discussion and think about the consequences of his words.

For clarity, there are few phrases reflecting the opinion about the role of the Soviet Union in the victory over Nazism and fascism of contemporaries of that era – who were responsible for both their words and their actions.

President of the United States (1933-1945) Franklin Roosevelt: “It’s difficult to get away from the obvious fact that the Russian armies are destroying more soldiers and weapons of the enemy than all the other 25 states of the United Nations combined”. (this statement is from a telegram to General Douglas MacArthur, dated on May 6, 1942).

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill: “No government would have resisted such terrible cruel wounds inflicted by Hitler on Russia.

But the Soviets not only withstood and recovered from these wounds, but also struck the German army with a blow of such power that no other army in the world could have inflicted on it”.

“The monstrous machine of the fascist government was broken by the superiority of the Russian maneuver, Russian valor, Soviet military science and the excellent leadership of Soviet generals”.

“Apart from the Soviet armies, there was no such force that could break the backbone of the Hitlerite military machine… It was the Russian army that released the guts from the German military machine…”, (Quote from speeches 1943-1944).

U.S. Secretary of State (1933-1944) Cordell Hull: “Only the heroic resistance of the Soviet Union saved the allies from the shameful separate peace with Germany …”.

US Secretary of State (1944-1949) Edward Stettinius: “The American people should not forget that in 1942 they were not far from disaster.

If the Soviet Union could not hold on to its front, the Germans would be able to capture Great Britain.

They could also capture Africa, in which case they would be able to create their foothold in Latin America…”.

Alas, the bitter experience of the Second World War, which became the foundation for the current European integration, has been safely forgotten, and the formation of a “new European consciousness” by gross distortion of the history of the Second World War can forever divide the countries of Europe and Russia.

Until the “wars of memory” led to a complete conceptual demarcation between Europe and Russia, and the formed local worldviews of Russians and residents of European countries didn’t become mutually exclusive – you can still try to stop and remember our common past – the real past…

Otherwise, a new era of fascism awaits us, the Fourth Reich awaits us.

Already today, along the streets of our cities in a single formation with veterans of the Norwegian units of the SS Norland division and the French SS Charlemagne division, the Spanish Blue Division and the Ukrainian Galicia, their young followers, neo-Nazis, are proudly marching, ready to continue “the work of their fathers. and grandfathers “.

The United States alone has more than 300 armed militias, most of them follow the Nazi ideas and racial extremism, ready to start a new Holocaust at any moment.


And no one will reproach them for such a monstrous mockery of history, of the memory of the millions of victims of Nazi and fascist tyranny.

After all, we’ve already thoroughly rewritten this history, leveling the fascists and fighters against fascism, punishers and heroes, elevating the atrocities of the Nazis of the Third Reich to the rank of a feat…

Lawmakers: Neo-Nazi Movements Resurging in U.S., Europe | Politics | US NewsShortly before his death in 2015, the prominent German writer Gunther Grass gave an interview to the Spanish Newspaper El País, warning the Europeans: “We risk repeating our previous mistakes and unconsciously, like somnambulists, come to the 3rd World War”.

We’re afraid that, Grasse’s dark prophecy has started to become true.



Albert Einstein, once been asked about his perception of the shape of World War III, he answered: “I cannot present or imagine what this war will look like, but I’m sure, that World War IV will use sticks and stones as weapons to fight”.

This is a prediction of how the World War III will be destructive, and Its severity that will wipe out mankind.

What we’re hoping is we don’t want to see US and European hands be responsible for causing it, and hear later their ugly voices accusing others.