Zelensky: The situation on the front line is better than in the previous three months


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the situation on the Ukrainian war front with Russia is better than it was three months ago, as Russian forces didn’t achieve any new progress after their seizure last month of the city of Avdiivka in the east of the country.

Zelensky explained, in an interview with the French channel BFM, Monday, that Ukraine has developed its strategic position despite the lack of weapons, but he indicated that the situation may change again if his country doesn’t receive new supplies.

“The situation is much better than it was during the past three months,” Zelensky said in statements accompanied by a voice-over in French.

He added, “We faced some difficulties due to the shortage of artillery shells, the air siege, Russian long-range weapons, and the attacks carried out by massive Russian drones”.

He added, “We worked in a very effective way… to confront the Russian aircraft… Our situation improved in the east… We stopped the advance of Russian forces”.

Russia’s seizure of Avdiivka gave its forces breathing space in defending the Russian-controlled regional center of Donetsk, 20 kilometers to the east.

Russian forces then captured a group of villages near Avdiivka, but Ukrainian military spokesmen said last week that these forces hadn’t achieved new progress and that Ukrainian forces had strengthened their positions.

Zelensky explained that Russian forces leveled everything to the ground during the months-long bombardment that Avdiivka was subjected to.

“We can no longer talk about a city where everything was destroyed in Avdiivka,” he said.

He added that Russian forces are superior to his forces in terms of long-range weapons, however, he said that Ukrainian forces shot down large numbers of Russian aircraft and continue to aggressively confront these aircraft in the Black Sea, where Russian military targets have been subjected to repeated attacks.

He added that Ukrainian forces established three lines of fortifications on an area of ​​​​more than a thousand kilometers of territory.

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