Zelensky thanks Germany, Finland and the Netherlands for their military assistance


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked Germany, Finland and the Netherlands for the military assistance they provided to Kiev in confronting the Russian invasion.

Zelensky said in a video speech on Saturday evening that Germany had provided his country with a Gebbard anti-aircraft tank, 155-caliber artillery shells, and other necessary weapons.

Germany also provided Ukraine with US Patriot air defense system.

Zelensky said that a well-functioning air defense system is the key to ending the war.

Ukraine is also seeking to regain control of its airspace through F-16 fighters, which have been promised to be sent next year.

Zelensky said that the current air defense system recently proved its effectiveness in repelling Russian drones and missiles.

He also added that fighter bombers were shot down.

He added, “The ability to shoot down Russian combat aircraft is one of the keys to ending this war fairly, and I would like to thank all the partners who are already supporting us and preparing the necessary steps to help next year”.

Zelensky also thanked the Netherlands and Finland in particular, which sent additional aid packages totaling 100 million Euros ($110 million), however he didn’t reveal any further details.

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