Zelensky mocks Putin and confirms that his forces have made new progress


The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Sunday night that Russia won’t only fail to seize more Ukrainian lands, but will also lose what it occupies now, and it must prepare its citizens for that.

“There is no, and there will be no alternative” to driving the Russians out of Ukraine, Zelensky said on his nightly broadcast in Kiev.

He added that the Ukrainian forces are progressing step by step towards liberating their country.

He noted that Ukraine expects new pledges of military assistance from its allies in the next few days.

In his video, Zelensky also mocked Russian President Vladimir Putin, who claimed in St. Petersburg on Friday that Russian forces had already destroyed five US Patriot air defense systems in Kiev.

According to the American media, there are only two such systems in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian president said that all systems are intact.

“No Patriot units were destroyed!” He added that 36 Russian missiles were destroyed during the past seven days alone.

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