Yeni Şafak: China and Russia are the most important concerns for American intelligence


The Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper published an article by Kadir Ustun in which he shed light on the annual report issued by the US intelligence services regarding the challenges facing the United States at home and abroad.

According to Ustun, the report specifically addressed the threats posed by countries such as China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea, in addition to the various challenges that arise from regional conflicts such as the war on Gaza, and how they can affect global security.

Kadir Ustun referred in his article to the public session held a few days ago in the House Intelligence Committee, attended by Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, CIA Director William Burns, and FBI Director Christopher Wray, where officials responded to politicians’ questions about the content of the report that was published in the same time.

Discussions centered on various topics, including TikTok, the war on Gaza, Ukraine, and the fight against terrorism.

According to Ustun, US intelligence officials pointed out the possibility of China using TikTok if it wanted to carry out influence operations during the US elections, relying on the law that prohibits the use of certain applications.

The report also indicated that China’s ability to carry out influence operations on the American people has approached the level of Russia.

According to Avril Haines, TikTok accounts linked to the Chinese Communist Party had carried out propaganda activities against the two parties’ candidates in the 2022 by-elections, and he did not rule out the presence of similar activities in the 2024 presidential elections.

The intelligence report focused largely on the threats and challenges coming from China, and presented a wide range of areas that represent potential challenges and risks from China to the United States and the international community, as the report believes that China seeks to surpass the United States as a major power, and desires to achieve regional superiority and the global.

According to Ustun, the American report claims that Russia seeks to directly challenge the United States and seek to achieve regional and global gains, by resorting to threats and carrying out hostile activities.

The report also indicates that there is cooperation between China and Russia on some regional issues, such as joint support for issues including Gaza, which shows that international relations are not simple and may change with the development of events.

The United States is taking progressive measures against China, which is interpreted as an effort to neutralize and isolate China diplomatically, economically, militarily and technologically.

The US intelligence report confirmed that China is working to increase its international influence through global initiatives such as the “Belt and Road Initiative,” and is seeking to achieve its goal of becoming a high-tech power, and is working to create a global army by 2049.

Regarding the space and cyber fields, the report indicates that China has developed high capabilities, and seeks to use them to enhance its international influence and interfere in US internal affairs.

The US intelligence institutions fear that competitors – especially China and Russia – will exploit regional crises and global challenges such as climate change, immigration, and terrorism to achieve their interests and undermine the current global order, according to Ustun article.

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