Yedioth Ahronoth: Exposes the facts about the “White Helmets”

Members of the “White Helmets” are begging Israel to live in it and they affirm that Turkey established the organization and trained its elements.

Did Israel transfer them to other countries?

The Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth published new details on the evacuation of members of the “White Helmets” from Syria to the Syrian Arab Golan and then to Jordan.

The report of the Israeli newspaper, which relied on various Israeli and Western sources, was based on talks between the organization’s activists and the correspondent of the Israeli newspaper, which revealed issues that were not known until today.

A member of the organization said that he was unable to catch the buses that took off his friends at dawn on Sunday and was forced to hide in a small village on the border with Turkey.

When the Israeli correspondent suggested that he escape to Turkey to get rid of army threats, he said: “Turkey will be worse”.

This country that created us and trained us on its soil has changed its position.

It doesn’t trust us and thinks about us very negatively, as he puts it.

The report shows that the Israeli correspondent was making telephone calls and communicating via e-mail and social media, with a few members of the organization.

Two of them, whose only name was the newspaper, said they had not been able to get to the buses that took their friends to the Golan, and so they remained at the mercy of the Syrian army.

The two stressed that their lives were in serious danger and demanded that Israel and other Western countries immediately work on organizing another transfer to rescue the remaining members of the organization on Syrian soil.

They said the Syrian regime had put them on blacklist and searched for them and other friends to kill them. On their deeds, according to their words.

According to the political sources in Tel Aviv, the preparation of the process of removing members of the “White Helmets” from the south of Syria began several months ago in the Belgian capital, Brussels, during a conference held by the United Nations.

The newspaper quoted a senior Israeli diplomat as saying that Canada was the first to propose the transfer of members of the organization, stressing that their lives are in great danger, and the annexation of Britain, the Netherlands and France, and then the United States of America, pointing out at the same time that the original plan was transferred Directly from Syria to Jordan, but the participating countries feared that the Syrian army thwart the evacuation process, and therefore did not have these countries to leave Israel, as he put it.

The diplomat said that initially Netanyahu opposed the idea because he refused to anger President Assad and the Russians.

Western countries tried to find a way out of the crisis, but all the ideas put forward were not feasible, prompting Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and US President Trump to telephone Netanyahu , And indeed, the latter agreed to the idea, but he heard their reservations about the process, according to the diplomat, who spoke to the Hebrew newspaper.

The newspaper also revealed, quoting Jordanian and Western sources, that Amman was not enthusiastic at all to accommodate the members of the organization on its territory, for fear of fueling relations with Syria, pointing out that the members of the organization, who are in the Kingdom, housing them in the vicinity of the capital, The Jordanian authorities prevent the press from approaching the camp, and those who conduct the work and provide the services there are only United Nations elements, who give them gifts, sweets and food, unlike other Syrian refugees in the Kingdom.

According to the correspondent, there is no possibility of transferring the remaining members of the organization to Israel and/or America, as Trump does not want a new crisis with Syria and Russia, and Netanyahu has made it abundantly clear that his country is ready to provide them with humanitarian services, But only from the other end of the border.

A member of the organization, who is still in Syria, told the newspaper that he had met with Syrian families who had been treated in Israeli hospitals.

She confirmed the treatment by the medical staff, the progress of medicine in Israel, and the literature and tact that were shared by the Israelis during Treat them.

The Israeli journalist stressed that a member of the “White Helmets” sought to mediate for his move to live in Israel, stressing that he will work for his livelihood, revealing that the monthly salary he receives from the organization up to two hundred dollars, a salary is very respectable, as he put it.

The correspondent concluded the report, where she went to the officials in Tel Aviv and asked them about rumors about Israel moving other groups of “White Helmets” by aircraft to other countries.

Their response was categorical, but they said: Even if this happened, do you think we will tell you About this?

The “White Helmets”, which carried out civil defense activities in the areas of control of terrorist groups and areas of control of the Syrian opposition, which proved to belong to the majority of its members to combat organizations, and was engaged in civil works with charges of fabricating and fabricating scenes to mislead world public opinion.

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