Why Assad didn’t fell … What would have happened to Russia?

There is no doubt that the direct intervention of Russia in Syria has resulted in the adjustment of the situation entirely for the benefit of the Syrian government & the role of the Russian protector of the Syrian government in the international arena, especially in the United Nations & the Security Council after a series of VETOs that aborted any draft resolution or any session that was seek to condemn or carrying out any sort of military action that would bring down the regime & resolve the situation for the benefit of the western world.

Today, after seven years of the so-called Syrian crisis, which has turned beyond any doubt into an international tragedy, with the entire countries in the world have been affected without exception, at all levels such as economy, arts, sports, social & other life aspects.

The crisis of Syrian humanitarian asylum has weighed heavily on many countries in the world & it’s so hard to pass a day without we hear nor read a story or witness an incident that is related to Syrian refugees.

Every spot in Syria has become famous in all parts of the world.

In the headlines of all the media in the world, the names of villages & towns in Syria, with some of them even the Syrian themselves never heard nor been in.

Today Even Donald Trump knows that there is a city in Syria Called Raqqa for example, when he doesn’t know for sure why & how he become a US president.

There is no doubt that the media played a very large role in the course of events in Syria & had the impact of oil on fire from all parties.

Today, when the Syrian map flares, we see clearly the change of events almost completely, in favor of the Syrian government.

The so-called ISIS state became a mirage & began to disintegrate.

With Its force, which terrified the world, began to break under the intensity of Russian air strikes & Syrian army fire alongside the fighting forces of Iran, Iraq & the Lebanese Hezbollah.

Today is the end of this terrorist organization as a physical presence on the ground, only the ideology & acts, with few elements that will take a shape of gangs & sleeping cells remains.

Perhaps their job has ended in this area, they will take another role in other place, maybe that’s why the United States have begun to transfer them by sending their choppers to pick them up from the Syrian Desert.

I wonder where their new activity will be ….! at the Arabian Peninsula perhaps???

Now, here is the fact that, Assad is in power & he will remain, with everyone who tried & tried to overthrow him, either disappeared, killed, fell, resigned or left for good…. Oh yes … some of them have changed their minds too.

Only the man who is living in that historical place at the Heart of Moscow, in the red square, who achieved a great victory & a gigantic triumph.

Russian President Vladimir Putin proved himself again, as a great statesman.

Vladimir Putin proved, that he’s the leader who imposes his terms & speaks loader than all the western world blab mouth cartoonish leaders.

Despite his calm look & the face without impressions, that almost impossible to give us a hints if he’s happy or sad.

But you can feel when he gets angry.

I’m not trying to flatter the Russian president, but what I’m saying is real, with all that & more has already happened.

He doesn’t need nor want anyone to talk about him, because the entire world has witnessed these facts on the ground.

No one can impose anything on the Kremlin master.

I repeat the sentence: No one can impose anything on the Kremlin master.

In fact, the Russian president proved to be a first-rate statesman, a successful businessman who negotiated & successfully struck deals & bargained without compromise, even marketed his country’s military arsenal through a live presentation of the Russian state of Art military armament on the ground.

The first message is that Russia is a superpower & has the power & the ability to lead the world.

Yes, the world, why we are fed up with the idea of the United States as a single pole over the world.

Here was the introduction to this article, which will tell a story about the hypothesis of the fall of Assad & how things would be.

The true story is too long, but our talk will begin since the Syrian president rejected the Qatari offer to extend the gas line through Syria to Turkey & the Syrian coast.

There is no doubt that the success of such a project would have fundamentally changed many things & events.

Assad may have played an important role in protecting Russia’s interests in the world by rejecting this project… how… why …?

The short story is that Russia would have been faced a fatal blow if that plan succeeded.

There are no secrets that there are several attempts that been made though many years to destroy Russia for good.

All these plans failed, even the one that brought the USSR down in long term failed too.

But that last one was horrifying, if it succeeded.

This plan had three phases.

Phase 1: Targeting the backbone of the Russian economy, namely the energy sector, specifically the gas sector.
Russia is the world’s largest gas exporter & several countries in the world depend on Russian gas, here we talk about the European Union.

Gazprom is the largest company in Russia, it become a global company with a very large weight in energy sector through projects & activities, with branches in many countries around the world.

Historically, the story of the restoration of this company back to the Russian state was one of the first stories of the Russian president’s successes in imposing & rearranging the situation in Russia after he came to power in the late 90s after a decade of chaos & weakness after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

It is clear here: that Gazprom is one of the most important points of power in Russia & targeting Gazprom, with entire Russian energy industry is something that only war will be the solution to avoid it.

The Qatari project would have had a major impact on the future of Russia & Gazprom.

In short, the idea was to extend the Qatari gas pipeline to Syria towards the Syrian coast & also through Turkey to Europe.

There was also an idea to extend a line to Israel via Syria, as part of peace process that was secretly ongoing at first, with the sponsorship of Turkey between the Syrian government & Israeli government.

This would’ve resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict be returning the Syrian- Golan Heights with its greater scope back to Syrian sovereignty, with a certain area that will be part of the gas pipeline deal, by using it logistically to serve the project needs by building certain facilities or infrastructure linked to the gas pipeline from Syria to Israel, so that it will keep a certain area under Israeli sovereignty as logical in exchange for Israel to pay a certain amount to Syria or to reach a formula of certain agreement will satisfy both parties & bring all the Middle East region into a new era.

In the event of peace between Syria & Israel, there will be no need for Palestinian opposition or Palestinian resistance backed by Syria, nor Hezbollah as an arm group in Lebanon, as a military force facing Israel, or even for Iran as an enemy of Israel, especially if Syria and Israeli got along.

Thus, Iran’s role will be eroded, perhaps as a kind of reward, the introduction of Iran in the deal to supply the EU countries with gas through the integration of the Iranian & Qatari gas pipeline project.

It is well known that the area from which the gas is extracted in the Gulf is an area subject to a sharing agreement between Iran & Qatar.

Therefore, Iran’s participation with Qatar in the project of unifying the gas line & supplying the gas to the EU countries & other countries in the region is logical, with the existence of another project to extend a pipeline from Iran through Iraq to Syria, that will join the Qatari line.

Now you will see Iran, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Syria & Lebanon with their gas reserves discovered at several sites.
We will discover that the sum of what all these counties production combined can equal what Russia supply, so it will end Gazprom’s monopoly & will effectively end the company.

The Russian economy will lose a large financial income & a political weight that will have a fatal impact on Russia & its future.

Phase 2: For almost two years now, the Gulf States, particularly Saudi Arabia, have taken a heavy blow on world oil prices & have made them fall to very high levels.

The original plan was to be carried out after the gas strike carried out, pending implementation of the project, which would have been planned to reach its final stages in 2014, if started in 2010.

The next blow to Russia is to reduce oil prices to large levels that will hit the Russian economy with another blow, which will be the penultimate step.

The plan was to maintain the oil price very low for a period of time, no more than a year or two maximum, so that the depletion of the rest of the Russian economy & the beginning of the emergence of unrest & discontent within Russia, after the first earthquake is the downfall of Gazprom & end the Russian domination of gas supply to the European Union followed by a hit on Russian oil companies.

The result, a total fall of the entire energy industry in Russia, because the income of local usage doesn’t cover the costs & they have to rise prices which will lead to unrest in public & other industries & manufactures will be damaged heavily.

The third & final phase is the launch of the national war of liberation & independence for different ethnics in Russia, starting from the Northern Caucasus.

But first Russia should be out from the Black sea, so you have to use Ukraine as a tool.

The zero hour was the date for the Olympic Games in Sochi, which will begin with the influx from Turkey & Georgia of more than a quarter of a million fighters to liberate the northern Caucasus.

The United States & Europe, will support establishing a states that will be independent from Russia, obedient not love or sympathy with these peoples, but the desire to dismantle Russia & execute the final elimination as an international power forever.

The events of the Caucasus will lead to domino effect, through continuance of disintegration & independence within the Russian Federation until the Tatars, the second largest ethnic in Russia get their own independent, then Russia will be in one word… nothing.

This is a short outline that was planned & sketched, however it didn’t happen & the disintegration & weak impact of any attempts to implement some of its stages meant nothing serious.

Russia realized this, so the direct intervention, stated with the restoration of Crimea, Russia realized & its direct intervention & restoration of Crimea, is to secure the passage in the Black Sea, especially for the Russian naval force to keep functioning, which is crucial & sensitive to Russia.

It is known that the Russian-Syrian relations are old & deeply rooted.

In my opinion, Russia should have intervened to prevent the fall of the regime in Syria, because if the regime fell the replacement will be a weak chaotic government lead by bunch of people that they can be bought & sold similar to the so called Syrian opposition that been supported by the West.

The whole world saw how they been bought & sold in these past six years, in both wings the political & arm wing.

At least it will be a New Syrian government that will be pro-Western-US, Syrian government.

Russia’s would’ve been loss its last & most reliable ally in the region & even Iran will be out of the equation by one way or another.

And if Iran later tried to retaliate, there is a ready scenario for them too, which will be implemented.

Russia realizes, that its intervention in Syria is to protect Russia.

If the regime fell in Syria, the fall of Russia would have been settled within a very short period of time.

I can say that Bashar Al-Assad & Vladimir Putin saved each other, the Russian intervention in the Syrian war is what is known as the winning deal in both cases, it has protected the Syrian regime from falling & maintained the Russian presence in the Middle East to a period of time which will be for long.

Russia, on the other hand, has restored its presence as the world’s first superpower with a voice & an audible role that cannot be ignored, as well as protecting Russia & ending one of the most dangerous & perhaps the last Western plans to bring down & dismantle Russia forever.

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