What phones north Korea’s officials are using?

A spontaneous and inquisitive question, some ask, what types of phone calls are used by North Korean President Kim Yong-un and his officials?

Here what been learned about the phones used by officials and the president of North Korea!

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and his entourage are using mobile phones, some of which are Western-made, according to a survey by network security company «Recorded Future» posted on its website.

The study was based on an analysis of data on technology used by the ruling elite in North Korea.

This analysis indicates that the ruling elite in North Korea uses many American and Western-made devices to connect to the Internet.

The US company «Recorded Future» survey confirmed that the North Korean elite has been using Apple’s iPhone phones, which are produced by Apple, the old and new versions such as iPhone 4 to iPhone X, as well as Galaxy S phones produced by the famous South Korean company Samsung.

By collecting information from third parties, the US company found evidence of Pyongyang’s challenge to the US ban on exporting or selling US technology to North Korea.

According to the Survey that, the narrow inner circle of leadership in North Korea, such as the leaders of the ruling party, the military, intelligence officers and staff with their families, are allowed only to own computers and connect to the Internet independently.

The company also noted that North Korean leaders are using the Internet, and laptops and computers such as Apple’s MacBook, as well as other Microsoft Windows operating systems.

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