What is going on in China: The recent Chinese officials’ dismissals


Since July the mystery kept unfolding regarding several Chinese officials, ministers and Army commanders, as it started with the official being disappear for a while, till later, news come out of his relived from his duties and appointing another.

Last July, a mystery has surrounded the reasons sacking former Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang, who was considered a close associate of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

According to Chinese sources, senior Chinese officials were told that an internal investigation of the Communist Party found that the former Foreign Minister was involved in an extramarital affair, which continued throughout his work as Beijing’s chief envoy to Washington.

The sources revealed that senior Chinese officials – including ministers and provincial leaders – were briefed last month on the party’s investigation into Qin, who served as Chinese ambassador to the United States from July 2021 until January of this year, as they were then told that the official reason for his dismissal was “lifestyle issues,” a common euphemism within the party for sexual misconduct.

In addition, two of the people explained that officials were also informed that the investigation concluded that Qin was involved in an extramarital affair that led to the birth of a child in the United States.

But the names of the woman or the child weren’t revealed to party officials.

Meanwhile, the investigation is still ongoing, and currently focusing on whether this case or any other behavior committed by Qin endangers Chinese national security.

Until now, State Council, China’s cabinet, still lists Qin Gang as one of the five members of the State Council, who are considered “extraordinary” ministers.

Qin, only remained in office for 7 months, and recent dismissals are either connected to certain policies inside the ruling communist party, in prepare for upcoming challenges facing the country require changes in leadership, whether political or military.

According to sources in China, some of these changes are linked to national security threats, as the Chinese leadership is seeking to close any security gaps amid the intense between China and the United States and its allies.

They also explained that scrutiny has also begun to include some major economic faces and names.

They noted that some economic officials, who have traditionally been given more latitude to interact with their Western counterparts and foreign business managers, have recently found themselves increasingly forced to report in greater detail than before about their foreign dealings.

While some analysts believed that all this tension and unrest behind the scenes of the government and the ruling party may indicate that the Chinese leader doesn’t control the country.

Also a few days ago, many questions were raised about the disappearance of Defense Minister Li Changfu, who has been in hiding for several weeks, amid information indicating that he may be dismissed soon due to corruption accusations, and before him, several Army commanders., were removed from their positions, as were some of the force commanders in the Chinese army.

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