What is going inside the closed dark rooms in the middle east region lately?

The American Israeli Rally is escalating in the region under the pretext of fighting terrorism… Netanyahu in Moscow «to take Iran out» from Syria… and Lieberman in Washington to prevent the «Hezbollah» and «Hamas» to break the military balance… and «Al-Nujaba» want to liberate the Golan Heights… What’s going on in the closed dark rooms?

It hurts to miss the entire Arabs as countries and armies from the list of Israel’s anxiety, with some of them being moved actually to the Allied camp of the occupation force, which they at it, as a strategic partner in a regional security organization like NATO.

Whoever follows the movements of the Israeli officials these days, and their discussions with foreign leaders, comes out with a firm impression that, Iran and its military arms, on top of them ” Hezbollah” are the real threat on Israel’s existence.

The Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is visiting Moscow to meet with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, with the most important issue that is in the top of talks agenda, the Iranian presence in Syria, the future risk to the security of Israel, there are Israeli reports that, he will ask the Russian leadership to allow the Israeli aircraft to unimpeded use of the Syrian airspace to hit «Hezbollah’s» bases and gatherings.

The Israeli Minister of Security, Avigdor Lieberman, on the other side, who is visiting Washington these days, he said at a press conference before meeting with his US counterpart, the defense minister, James Mattis, the most worrying thing for Israel, is the «smuggling of weapons that refract the strategic balance to each of „Hezbollah“ in Lebanon and the Islamic resistance movements in the Gaza Strip, such as sophisticated and accurate missiles, and drones, „he accused Iran of being behind the smuggling operations, and all that followed from the finance and transfer of technology.

The only mention of the Arabs these days is confined to the strongly repeated news about the existence of serious, behind-the-scenes discussions talking about the establishment of a regional alliance similar to “NATO», led by the United States with the participation of Arab countries such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan, with Israel as the «observer», and its role is limited to cooperation in security and intelligence.

What is likely, give credibility to these news, which been published in a US newspapers, including the «Wall Street Journal» newspaper, the one that is close to Trump’s administration, which is the intention of this administration to convene an international conference to fight terrorism, and the «Islamic state» in particular, with a capacitor presence of the Arab and the Israelis, as well as Trump’s administration sent, about an extra thousand troops to Syria to participate in the process of «liberation» of Raqq, the capital of the Islamic state, as well as the intensification of attacks against «Al Qaeda» in Yemen.

It is noteworthy that this movement of political and military, both are under the counter terrorism title, but its hidden goal is Iran and its affiliates in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, with the «Arabs» or the «axis of moderation» will be the «spearhead» and the main financier for any US action in Syria Iraq, and Iran perhaps later.

The Iranian authorities are aware of this US-Israeli strategic objectives with its secret nor known goals, and there are indications that Iran is preparing for it, including Hezbollah’s leader, Mr. Hassan Nasrallah, threatened to hit the Israeli Dimona reactor in the heart of the Negev desert, and hit the containers of the Ammonia toxic materials, around the vicinity city of Haifa, and in both cases Israel will face a terrifying material and human losses at all standards, so that the settlers in Haifa, began a movement demanding the Israeli government to remove these warehouses of their city and moved them to another place.

We do not believe that Mr. Hashem al-Moussawi, the commander of «Al-Nujaba», which announced the formation of the Corps for the Liberation of the Golan Heights, that contains special units, with special strategic weapons, comes as coincidence at this time, but it came as a threatening letter «deterrent» addressed to the Israeli government, with these unites are waiting for the Syrian government to move, and we’ll not be surprised, that these unites are already on the Syrian territory.

In the recent past, Israel’s concern used to be from the Syrian, Egyptian, Jordanian and Iraqi armies, or what was called the «frontline states», but this time has gone with never to return, and now this concern comes from Iran and some allied countries, especially Syria and Lebanon, and some of Iraq.

The Arabs, or some of them, are no longer regarded Israel as their enemy, but the enemy is whoever that Israel considered as an enemy, and a source of concern for its security and stability, and route expansion and aggression at the expense of the Arab nation and the Palestinian people.

It is the Top humiliation… and the peak of the tragedy.

Abdel Bari Atwan

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