What do we need to know about Super Tuesday US primary elections?


In the context of events related to the US elections scheduled for November 2024, great focus is being placed on Super Tuesday, which will take place on March 5.

This day includes elections in 15 US states, including Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia, in addition to the US territory of Samoa.

“Super Tuesday” is considered an important day in the US presidential primary cycle, as this day’s elections constitute a major step towards determining the candidates.

This political event began in 1988 when a group of Democrats in the southern states of the United States decided to call it by this name after the victory of Republican President Ronald Reagan in the previous presidential election.

Experts point to the importance of Super Tuesday, as it represents more than a third of the delegates who will be appointed to the Republican National Convention, scheduled to be held next July in the state of Wisconsin.

In the Republican contests, 874 of the 2,429 delegates are competing, and including California and Texas, which represent a large percentage of the population, the contenders must receive at least 1,215 delegates to secure the nomination at the Republican National Convention.

The expected distribution of the number of Republican delegates in Super Tuesday is according to the different states, with the number of delegates in each state mentioned.

Trump is showing a lead in the polls over Biden, as he leads by two percentage points, and controls swing states, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin, according to a Harvard University poll, showing that Trump unites Republican Party supporters better than Biden’s Democrats.

However, Trump’s eyes are turning sharply towards Biden in his attacks and criticisms.

He accused him of plotting to overthrow the United States, considering that Biden poses a real threat to democracy and wants the American system to collapse and nullify the will of the American voters.

Despite the advantage in the polls, a poll conducted by Harvard University shows that there are deep concerns about Biden’s age and its impact on his bid for re-election.

Around 73% of registered voters indicate that they see Biden as too old to lead the country effectively, and 45% doubt his ability on performing his duties.

Doubts about Biden’s age span across generations, gender, race and education, underscoring his failure to allay fears within his party and in the face of attacks from Republicans who portray him as incapable of leadership due to his advanced age.

The Super Tuesday primary elections will include not only the selection of the presidential candidate, but also elections for the Senate and House of Representatives, state legislatures, as well as the election of prosecutors, judges, and city council members.

The results of these elections are expected to appear gradually after the closing of the polls in the participating states.

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