What are the military areas in which Russia surpasses America?

The US military magazine National Interest has revealed Russia’s superiority over the United States in three major military areas, giving it a chance to win any possible confrontation.

Liza Samb, a senior researcher at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, told the National Interest that the Russian army is advancing the US military in creating a deterrent defense field with the help of long-range missile systems (A2 deterrence) As well as in cyber and cyber warfare.

Samp pointed out that the US military delay on Russia is a reality and more than real, which is evident in Central and Eastern Europe.

While Moscow’s rivalry with Washington around the world seems to be debatable, Russia has the foresight, resources and resources to meet the challenges of the United States and its allies in a particular region, especially in Europe, the strategist said.

For her part, Evelyn Farkas, a former assistant secretary of defense, told the magazine that Russia, unlike the United States, has a high level of efficiency in modernizing its armed forces, although it does not allocate the most expensive defense costs.

Moscow is increasing its strength in key areas such as cruise missiles and air defense systems, which Farkas has repeatedly warned against, as this will lead to major problems for the United States in the future.

The program for the development, modernization and reform of the Russian armed forces was announced in 2008 at a closed meeting of the military group of the Ministry of Defense.

The modernization program includes, inter alia, the processing of military units and parts throughout Russia with a variety of more sophisticated armament systems and complexes, from the latest fighters and air bombers to improved and armored tanks.

Therefore, only in 2017 were active military service: 16 ships and naval vessels, 190 aircraft, modern helicopter hovercraft, 800 tanks and armored combat vehicles, 170 anti-aircraft missile systems, 1950 vehicles and multi-purpose military vehicles.

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