Washington Post: Kushner’s statements regarding Gaza are a dark indication of Trump’s future policy


The Washington Post reported, Friday, that while the world is thinking about what the foreign policy of the second administration of former US President Donald Trump might look like, the words of advisors close to him and his family members provide important evidence of what it will look like.

For this reason, according to the Washington Post, Jared Kushner’s recent statements regarding the conflict between Israel and Gaza sparked a lot of controversy, as Trump sent, through Kushner, in his capacity as his former Middle East advisor, a signal that Trump’s second term “may mean greater American support for the Israelis; Those who want to expel the Palestinians from Gaza and re-settle the area”.

According to the Washington Post, the idea that Gaza’s borders are replaceable, and that Palestinians may not realistically be able to return to their homes, directly contradicts current US policy, which insists on the right of Gazans to remain in Gaza within its current borders.

The Washington Post believed that there is a sound logic behind this approach, as acts of forced displacement may constitute elements of the charge of genocide, as the International Court of Justice explained, in its order issued last January, in the case brought against Israel by South Africa.

The Washington Post touched on the way in which the Trump team, which increasingly dominates the Republican Party, deals with foreign policy, as it views every international problem as an opportunity to reach an agreement between leaders, while promising the rights and aspirations of the peoples, which… “You have no authority, you are insignificant”.

Kushner’s “reckless” speech, according to the Washington Post, “serves as a potential preview of the chaos and cruelty that may come with the foreign policy of a second Trump administration, whether he himself is involved, or not”.

Kushner had called on Israel for a plan to transfer the residents of Gaza to the Negev Desert, in order to exploit the Gaza Strip’s waterfront.

He added that if he were an official in Israel, his first priority would be to remove the Palestinians from Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, and “that through diplomacy it may be possible to bring them into Egypt”.

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