Walla: Israeli Air Force continues preparing to attack Iran


Exercises, scenarios and preparations being carried out by the Israeli Air Force to attack nuclear facilities in Iran.

The Israeli Walla website posted a report on Friday said that after the completion of the “crushing fist” maneuvers, there was a feeling that the Israeli army command was highly capable of implementing a large-scale offensive plan in Iran.

The Israeli Air Force is preparing for a joint attack of combat aircraft with unmanned aircraft that receive orders from the pilots, and by 2040 it’s expected that hundreds of advanced aircraft will be purchased in a huge way.

The report added that Israeli Air Force Commander Major General Tomer Bar recently visited the briefing room of the 102nd Squadron, the “Flying Tiger Squadron,” to see the extent of Israeli preparations for the attack.

During Bar’s visit, ground crews outside were preparing Lavi planes for takeoff as part of flight tests, which simulated an attack by a battery of advanced surface-to-air missiles that the Iranians managed to smuggle into Syrian territory and are supposed to pass into the hands of Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The maneuvers included flying at a low altitude, which requires great accuracy in navigation, especially when it comes to an area saturated with surface-to-air missile batteries of various types and offensive targets.

According to Walla website, “The Israeli army embarked on a large-scale tactical exercise about three weeks ago, the first of its kind, which simulates thousands of attacks in arenas near and far, with a focus on attacks in Iran and dealing with extreme scenarios of strikes on the Israeli home front”.

From the preliminary analysis of the results of the maneuvers, a feeling arose of the high ability of the Israeli army command to implement a broad and effective plan of attack in Iran, the report added.

Officers in the Israeli Air Force say that Major General Tomer Bar briefs every week all the senior officers of the corps and the chief of staff on the progress of the action plan to prepare for an attack in Iran and the exact targets according to the accumulated intelligence.

The Walla website quoted a senior Israeli army officer as saying, “The goal is for our long arm to be effective… The last maneuvers showed that we have a very good level of competence but there are many things that need to be developed in intelligence and fire”.

Last Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said regarding US-Iranian contacts or discussions regarding the Iranian nuclear program, that Israel isn’t bound by such an agreement, and that his government will take whatever is necessary to protect Israel.

Netanyahu made it clear that the agreement between Tehran and Washington won’t stop Iran from developing its nuclear program, and will only allow the flow of large funds to what he called “terrorist organizations” operating under Iranian auspices.

Last May, Iran revealed informal talks with the United States regarding the European-mediated nuclear deal.

The talks to revive the nuclear agreement, signed between Iran on the one hand, and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany on the other hand, have stalled due to the failure of the United States and Iran to agree on the final text of the agreement, which presented by the European mediator.

Tehran calls for the closure of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s “allegations” about finding traces of nuclear materials in three undeclared Iranian sites, which fall within the issue of guarantees that Tehran demands to ensure the continuity of the agreement.

It’s noteworthy that the United States during Trumps administration withdrew from the agreement unilaterally in May 2018, and re-imposed economic sanctions on Iran, and Tehran responded by abandoning some of the restrictions imposed on its nuclear activity, stipulated in the agreement.

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