Wall Street Journal: The failure of the counteroffensive… Kyiv forces disappointed the West


The Wall Street Journal wrote that the West’s expectations and bets on the Ukrainians’ courage and skill in fighting were disappointed, after the Kiev forces failed their allies with the failure of their counterattack.

When Ukraine launched its counterattack, Western officials knew that the Kiev forces didn’t have the necessary capabilities to confront the Russian army, but they were counting on the courage and skill of the Ukrainians, but that didn’t work.

Confronting minefields, strong fortifications, and the superiority of Russian aviation will lead to more losses among the Ukrainian forces.

With the prospect of a massive infiltration by Ukrainian forces low, the West faces the prospect of protracted fighting and the need for additional funds, which the United States and the European Union will hesitate to do.

Finally, the Wall Street Journal also referred to the US president Joe Biden’s fears that the continuation of the conflict would affect his chances of re-election, the possibility of growing discontent in the European Union and eventually abandoning Kiev’s support.

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